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cannabis grow room essentials

Setting up an indoor weed grow in your home is a lot easier than you may think. You will need to invest some time and money into an indoor grow, but acquiring materials and building it out doesn’t require a lot of skill and can be done cheaply.

The nano cannabis grow setup: $100-150

Unlike the Nano Grow, this build contains a complete ventilation system designed to filter and exhaust hot air while simultaneously bringing in clean, cool air. Additionally, the timer has been upgraded to the dual-outlet digital model for controlling both the light and carbon filter exhaust system. A variable speed vent fan controller is also added for maximum climate control.

Supply list:

LED lights work well in this environment because they produce very little heat. Although filtration for a grow of this size is not necessary, those who wish to grow in a more confined space should consider opting for the intake fan and thermometer/hydrometer. This will help to both increase air circulation and provide some fundamental metrics for maintaining a healthy environment for the plants.

Cannabis grow room essentials

– Erik Biksa, High Times Canadian Cultivation Correspondent,

The Four P’s

Make your own footprints in the path of growing, but allow the wealth of knowledge that is already out there to be your guide. Don’t get stuck in your own methods. Too much pride in your growing style or fear of failure will limit you. Your plants are what you make them. A perpetual harvest cycle allows you to individualize your techniques for each plant’s specific nutrient and water needs. Organization lends less work, change one thing at a time and have patience. When you find something worth sharing, keep the growing community alive and don’t bogart your knowledge.

Stay Organized

Always grow organic! It’s the most conscientious for the health of our bodies and for the health of the planet. We have a responsibility for all of our actions. Grow from seeds and learn to make your own. It perpetuates the seed. Cannabis is so many things: medicine, peace and relaxation, changing consciousness, textiles, foods. It can repair the imbalance in nature and fix our environment. Fight against against GMOs (genetically-modified organisms).

Cannabis grow room essentials

A high-quality LED light will hardly add something to your electric bill.

You might be thinking:

4. Nutrients and Supplements

Depending on your budget you have many options to buy ventilation supplies…

1. Marijuana Seeds

Classic example pH-meter SOIL :