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cannabis grow room humidity

Cannabis grow room humidity

For instance, did you know that humidity changes when you turn your grow room lights on and off? Sadly, many growers fail to pay attention to humidity until they encounter diseases such as bud rot or powdery mildew.

What Happens If the Air in the Grow Room Becomes Too Dry?

As for how humidity affects plants, remember, your marijuana crop respires CO2 from the environment through their leaves. During this process, they lose some of the water retained in their foliage.

1 – Seal and Insulate Your Room

If you can afford them, we recommend purchasing floor fans. They pull air through the canopy of your marijuana plants and guarantee balanced humidity levels. They also ensure equal CO2 distribution and a stable grow room temperature.

Cannabis grow room humidity

Each stage of a plant’s life-cycle is prone to different needs. With the right equipment, these needs are easily managed when the focus is on keeping everything within the desired ranges and as constant as possible.

To start with, relative humidity is determined by how much water vapor the air can hold at a specific temperature. Warm air can hold more water than cold air, so the warmer the air is, the higher the relative humidity will be .

Flowering Period

Depending on your lighting solution, season a specific crop is grown in (assuming year-around production), the outdoor air vented in (as it will vary in temperature and its own relative humidity), controlling temperature and humidity in your growing space will be one of the tougher challenges you will face on a day-to-day basis.

Seedling Stage

“Wet trimming” involves trimming as soon as plants are ripe. Remove individual branches and proceed to use sharp scissors or shears to precisely trim excess plant matter. As soon as the plants are cut down, the drying process begins. What’s immediately noticeable is how sticky and wet the buds are. While this is an excellent indicator of potential quality, it’s also a breeding ground for contaminants. Buds left in this state will almost certainly be ruined so it is best to act quickly to begin a controlled drying process.

Cannabis grow room humidity

It moistens the air while keeping the temperature down, which can also be a problem in Denver.

I like the Ambient Weather WS-07 Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer because it lets you remotely check the temperature and humidity from another room (don’t forget to get 6 AAA batteries).

Humidity is too low – how to increase humidity

Temperature and relative humidity are closely related to each other.

Slowed Growth

Step 3: Correct humidity and/or temperature that is too high or too low

Humidity has me confused. I’ve seen sources saying the greater the humidity the better, some that say humidity makes no difference as long as the plant is hydrated, and some claiming nothing will grow if you’re not nailed at 45%.

The ambient humidity near Denver is pretty low – the room I plan to grow in sits at 20% on average. Is this too low for my plants to be happy?

This is why many growers use a humidity dome for new clones!