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cannabis grow tent setup

Cannabis grow tent setup

Lastly, take a good look around inside the tent. Everything should be secure. Make sure that any electronics are off the ground (power strips, ballasts, wires) just in case there’s ever a water spill.

1.) Clear Space & Put Together Tent

Get Started Growing! You Are Ready!

3.) Hang Exhaust Fan

After everything is set up, turn on your grow light and exhaust fan for a day to test out your new space.

If possible, I recommend getting a tent that’s 6 or 7 feet tall so you never have to worry about running out of height. This easily supports up to a 400W grow light. However, very tall tents in this size are relatively rare and it’s much more common to see grow tents that are 2’x4’x5′. The shorter versions will also do the trick (and can support up to a 400W light if you have a great exhaust system and use careful plant training). Another advantage is that smaller tents are a little less conspicuous looking and people sometimes mistake them for a cheap Ikea-style clothing wardrobe. Just remember with a short tent to keep a close eye on plant height to make sure you don’t run out of head room as plants get taller.

Example of LED Grow Light Hanging In Tent with Rope Ratchets
(Carbon Filter in Back Scrubs Smells)

If you’re trying to create a growing environment from scratch, you may have to do some DIY which can feel overwhelming if you’re just getting a grasp on growing. Utilizing a grow tent takes care of a bunch of environmental factors in one fell swoop.

If you have a smell emergency, you can use an exhaust fan directly attached to a carbon filter sitting on the floor. This isn’t as effective as a “real” exhaust system, but it will clear an entire room of smells in just minutes. Some growers who can’t fit a carbon filter in their grow space have even used this technique to control smells for a whole grow!

Cannabis grow tent setup

So, what exactly is the right distance between your plant and grow tent light? The next heading tells you all.

However, you may have trouble setting up the tent on your own if it is too big. In that case, ask someone to lend a hand and get the job done.

Select the Right Distance

Grow tents are available in different models, and you may get confused while deciding the right grow tent size for your cannabis. That’s why we are here with our two cents in this matter. We believe 2’x4′ is the ideal size for beginners who need limited space to get a few ounces of cannabis.

How to Choose the Right Size?

Now that you know everything for putting up a grow tent, get ready to create the perfect environment, and take good care of the cannabis plants.