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cannabis growing equipment canada

Cannabis growing equipment canada is a specialty gardening store trusted by gardeners across Canada thanks to our knowledgeable staff of experienced growers, our extensive inventory of the top brands & latest technology, and our integrated shipping insurance (very important for things like LED grow lights!).

Savings on all sizes of Boveda CVaults.

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Take your garden to the next level.

How to clone your plants

Fast Shipping w/ Insurance

The future of smart farming.

CVault Humidity Controlled Storage

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Cannabis growing equipment canada

Grow Lights Canada offers free shipping on all orders over $99 in Canada. It has grow lights, grow tents, ventilation and filters, nutrients, and much more in its online grow shop. Further, Grow Lights Canada carries a selection of vaporizers.

GrowDaddy aims to provide the highest level of information and service to its customers, both in-person and online, and it only carries the best products in the hydroponic industry.

Growing cannabis is very easy and convenient, especially with so many online grow stores being available in Canada in 2020. If you grow your own indoor weed you won’t even have to leave your house to get your marijuana, and you also know exactly how it was grown. There are a plethora of online grow shops in Canda, but which are the best online grow stores for Canadian cannabis growers in 2020? Find the right online grow shop in Canada for your needs.


You can order everything you need to grow cannabis in Grow It All’s online grow store. Grow tents, grow lights, nutrients, you name it, Grow It All got it.

All orders are shipped from a warehouse in Canada within 24 hours and there are no shipping fees.

Striving to be Canada’s number one internet supplier of quality hydroponic equipment, Wholesale Hydroponics offers everything growing-related, from propagating, processing, and lighting to ventilation, it has everything in stock and ready to ship. Wholesale Hydroponics also has competitive shipping policies and product pricing.

Wholesale Hydroponics

It is Central Alberta’s largest indoor grow shop, and it offers all the indoor growing equipment, nutrients, and accessories you could need.

Besides grow tents, lighting, and other products, it offers rental equipment, free shipping on orders over $100 within Ontario, and cannabis consulting services for a wide variety of clients through Genetix Consulting, which is a Toronto based cannabis consulting firm.

Cannabis growing equipment canada

The Grow Kit is designed to create the perfect environment to grow cannabis indoors.

About Grow Kit


The Grow Kit allows you to control the lights, the temperature & the air flow in the Grow Kit.