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cannabis growing methods

Cannabis growing methods

But as legal medical — and increasingly, recreational — cannabis becomes more widespread, the cannabis industry is becoming more professional. By adopting the methods and rigour of plant science and analytical chemistry, it is ensuring that it can produce safe, consistent and high-quality products for a fast-growing and lucrative market.

Testing, testing

Brian Owens is a freelance journalist in St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.

And not all analytical labs are up to the job. Roger Brauninger, biosafety programme manager at the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), a non-profit organization in Frederick, Maryland, says that although US states introduced requirements for external testing as medical or recreational cannabis became legalized, there was rarely any infrastructure or expertise in place to facilitate a professional testing regime. Even the most established labs, located in California, have only been around since the mid-2000s — despite the state legalizing the medical use of cannabis in 1996.

Cannabis growing methods

Now we come to the critical part which separates the best-LED manufacturers from the rest.

Oscillating fans

Most seed packets have planting instructions, but if not, the rule of thumb is to plant a seed at a depth equal to two to three times its width. Remember that planting seeds too deep may lead to early failure.

Preparation of nutrient solution

Here are the temperature and humidity requirements in each stage: