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cannabis seed germination tips

Growing marijuana takes a certain level of commitment: time, energy, and financial resources, so be sure you can commit to the whole process.

Sexing marijuana plants can be a time-consuming process, and if you don’t catch males, there is a risk that even one males can pollinate your entire crop, causing all of your female weed plants to produce seeds.

Cannabis used for hemp production has been selected for other traits, including a low THC content, so as to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Consequently, many varieties of hemp produce significant quantities of CBD.

Additionally, every long-time grower will tell you that clones degrade over time.

Was the seed found in good weed?

Because training happens during vegetative growth, for autoflowering plants, this period could be as short as a few weeks, which means time is limited. Try topping your autoflowers after they have three nodes, and stop once they begin to flower. You will want to prune them lightly.

For the typical homegrower, it may be easier to obtain cannabis seeds rather than clones. Growing from seed can produce a stronger plant with more solid genetics.

Cannabis seeds require three things to germinate: water, heat, and air. There are many methods to germinate seeds, but for the most common and simplest method, you will need:

Pros and cons of using cannabis clones

Seeds found in finished cannabis buds can develop for a number of reasons. For example, a male plant may have accidentally pollinated a flowering female during the growing process. But more commonly, they’re a sign of stress and can be attributed to high temperatures during the final stages of flowering or an exaggerated spike in climate or environment.

Most experienced or commercial growers will not use feminized seeds because they only contain one set of genes, and these should never be used for breeding purposes. However, a lot of beginning growers start with feminized seeds because they eliminate the worry of having to deal with male plants.

Cannabis seed germination tips

All you will need is two clean plates, paper towels and your cannabis seeds.

Temperature and Humidity

Successful germination can be done within a few hours or a few days, but it requires proper moisture levels. If the grow medium (such as the paper towel) completely dries out, the seed will stop absorbing moisture. This will result in germination activity being halted and the seed will never fully open. It is best to check your seeds a couple times a day to ensure that the paper towel does not dry out. This is extra important if you are using an additional heat source to manage the temperature. If you do find that the paper towel is drying out, a few spritzes from a water bottle with a spray nozzle will do the trick.

Germinating Directly in the Soil

It is important to note that cannabis seeds do best at high moisture levels of 70-80% relative humidity. The temperature is best kept between 21 degrees celsius and 26 degrees celsius for optimal germination.