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Carmagnola Seeds
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Carmagnola Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THC0.3% (slight deviations may occur)
CBD6 - 9%
FLOWERS7 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Carmagnola Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Carmagnola CBD is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with almost no THC and very high levels of CBD. It began as an Italian industrial hemp strain because of its low THC content. Growing Carmagnola CBD seeds is a great way to enjoy CBD-rich cannabis.

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  1. Samsara Seeds Spicy White Devil Feminized is the result of a cross between one of the most powerful Sativas in Jack Herer and the Original Blueberry of the late 1970’s. Jack Herer was distinguished by Dutch pharmacies as the best medical plant genetics. This Spicy White Devil is a fantastic mix of sublime Sativa qualities with a huge Indica aftermath.

  2. A sativa with a vigorous and explosive growth. Indoors it takes possession of all the available space, outdoors grows uncontrolled. Flowers full of resin crystals, with incense smells, and brain effect. Indicated for sybaritics, lovers of the most succulent sativas.

  3. Alphakronik Genes’s new hybrid Eisbaer derives from a mix of two exceptionally strong parental lines, The White and AKG’s Snowdawg BX male. Yields with this cross are medium in dimensions, packed with white buds, dripping in resins. Strong branching makes this cross an excellent option for SOG applications. You could expect flavors which range from Skunky-Diesel Fuel to Sweet mango/tangerine flavors by means of the Snowdawg father.

  4. Prepare for a fascinating new strain, courtesy of The Devil’s Harvest Seed Co. The original Devil’s Dawg, a potent hybrid that’s perfect for medical growers, is a result of Devil’s Haze and Chem Dawg being imaginatively blended to cover the entire cannabinoid spectrum. Haze lovers will value the frisky and fresh flavour that is flawlessly complimented with the Chem Dawg, original American parentage from the New York City Diesel. As the hippies out there will savor the throwback to old-school trippy strains, commercial growers won’t find her frustrating to grow (the super sweet smell helps) nor will they be dissatisfied with her yield. A blooming period of 10-13 weeks will provide you with in a floaty, purgatory-like state.

  5. Northern Lights and Haze genetics from the Doggies Nuts premium cannabis seed range.

  6. The parents will be a Thai lady crossed together with a double KC 2. The parents have been in Holland for 28 years, crossed over along with a double KC 2.

  7. Delahaze is an excellent variety. It’s extremely potent, offering high yields and is done early in approximately 9 weeks. To value her fully allow her to flower 1 week extra which leads to fine sativaish/haze flowers stuffing your growroom with a gorgeous fragrance containing hints of mango and citrus. Still the common haze scent continues to be dominant.

  8. Nepalese Highland is a pure IBL (inbred line) from Nepal. Even though this strain grows having a sativa structure the buds display much more indica within their formation. Reeferman has distributed these seeds during various occasions during the last 10 years on various seed auctions along with other seed sites and this particular strains is recognized to have been utilized by numerous breeders to generate the vast majority of Nepali based strains that are offered today.

  9. This fortuitous union of Grey Area’s ‘Grey Mist’ and ‘Matanuska Tundra’ produces a compact, strong plant with the desirable growth characteristics of the second and the stimulating mind buzz of the first.

  10. Skunk, Big Bud and Afghani unite in Dutch Delight – a strong and powerful cannabis strain which was refined to just about pure Indica. The Netherlands is definitely a compact country, yet through effective utilization of technology and botany Holland has always possessed a history of agricultural excellence. A shockingly colossal ratio of the flowers sold throughout the world are cultivated in the Netherlands. Likewise, the thousands of kilos of indoor marijuana sold throughout the coffeeshops every year are typically Dutch-grown. A great deal more interesting is why a lot of this fabulous harvest is created in small, discreet spaces; attics, bedrooms and garages. The trick is purely good genetics at the fingertips of skilled and competitive growers, who had been sharing information for decades, while always attempting to maximize potency and yield in small grow-spaces. Dutch Delight catches those years of progress and evolution in a Feminized commercial strain.

  11. Pure landrace comes from the islands of Ko Chang (Thailand). It is one of the varieties with the highest THC content in the world and has a relativy short harvesting time. Its smell and flavour will remind you of Asia and its effects will take you to the mysterious temples of Bangkok.

  12. Return to Nepal to locate one of the first original strains of sativas. Here is exactly where it all began. Electric high.

  13. Mr. Nice Seeds Ortega had been originally designed a bit different from Nevil when he was accomplishing his Seedbank thing with Sensi…Shantibaba crafted a selection from an old school group of seeds that descends from NL#5 and NL#1…from mid 80s. It’s anticipated to keep a good Christmas tree shape in growth and blossoms in 6-8 weeks, supplying powerful fruity, profound berry flavors. It’s a superb over-all effect and acts for most just like a night medicine. Aids insomnia issues well and muscular conditions.

  14. This F1 mix is bred for outdoor growing but also provides amazing results in a greenhouse and indoors. It is an simple to clone, pest- and mould-resisting plant.

  15. Wappa is actually a stout-statured and stable Indica variation. Wappa’s short indoor dimension makes her a very good option for gardeners with restricted room. Her unique stone offers Indica body relaxation with no the couchlock. She’s a sturdy plant that very quickly emerges as the darling of the grow room, by having her eye-catching appearance, ease in cultivation and rapid yield. When pushed to flower at 1 foot (30 cm), she almost doubles in size by maturity, creating large chunky colas which fill the air with sweetness, fragrances composed of sugars and fruits. Wappa has a high calyx-to-leaf percentage, which makes her a cruise to manicure. Wappa’s fruity nugs are great head candy, creating an extreme high. The buzz comes on powerful, having a satisfying onset. It’s a luminescent high that nudges open the doors of understanding.

  16. Kiwi Seeds Mexican Haze is the Dampkring Classics very own variation. The male used for this 3-way hybrid was carried back from Mexico in 95′ and found in many breeding programmes since. The mother is a stabilized F1 of two extra precious plants, one of these being precisely the same mother employed to create other pleasures such as ‘Ocean’s Twelve’. Will not need to journey to Mexico, some of these mothers within the garden will end up being among the best decisions any grower can make.