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cbd charlotte’s angel seeds

Cbd charlotte's angel seeds

Outdoors CBD Charlotte’s Angel does extraordinarily – its Dutch genes make it quite strong when it comes to extreme temperatures, although obviously it grows quite well in milder, sunnier climates. It can grow up to 2m tall, offering yields of up to 800g per plant. It should be ready towards the end of October, which can be a bit of a pain if it rains a lot.

Indoors, due to its large structure, you’ll want to place a maximum of 9 plants per square meter and give them quite a long growth period before flipping the lights. They’ll begin growing small buds all over their branches during the flowering period, producing up to 450g per square meter. This strain’s flowering period takes around 11 weeks to flower in total.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel by Dutch Passion is a strain with plenty of medicinal potential and THC content under 1%, offering quite a unique medicinal effect. It comes from two CBD-heavy strains such as Dutch Charlotte and Red Angel.

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Growing CBD Cannabis Strains Outdoors

CBD Charlotte’s Angel by Dutch Passion is a strain that’s extremely medicinal and has no psychoactive effect whatsoever, making it perfect for those looking to grow therapeutic weed, as well as for those that are looking for weed to smoke that won’t get them too high.

Thanks to its high CBD content and almost non-existent THC means that it doesn’t give any sort of psychoactive effect at all. Its medicinal properties are perfect for pain relief as well as many different issues. It has a complex flavor, combining two of the most common cannabis flavors although they’re rarely found together; diesel and pine.

Growing CBD Cannabis Strains Indoors

Cbd charlotte's angel seeds

Remarks during vegetative phase,(18/6 light cycle)

CBD Charlotte’s Angel grow review by Antonio

Her growth pattern would make her very suitable in a SCROG too and I think with this technique you should be able to get very high yields. Be aware of the stretch most plants will have, especially if you have restricted height in your grow room. Doing a SCROG could be the ultimate solution. As a tip I would say that the use of a net or the use of ropes is recommended just to make sure the heavy flowers won’t bend over or even eventually snap branches.

After harvest, remarks and opinions

Pretty nice aroma, she smells very unique, super piney with fruity, berry and spicy tones. Again, the differences in phenotypes also gave different types of buds with a different density, aroma, resin level and bag appeal. The 3 fastest phenotypes were very good, the 2 slower flowering ones could have flowered a bit longer so they could have been better. The aroma and taste was ok, but the overall quality was a bit lower.

Cbd charlotte's angel seeds

The Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa dominant variety with high CBD holdings of 10 to 16% and low THC levels, which are always below 1%. It is a non-psychoactive variety that brings medical benefits without the high. It provides a strong physical effect and a soothing and anxiety-solving experience. It takes 9-12 weeks with the flower and has a herbal aroma with resinous diesel subwoofers. The genetics came from the Dutch Charlotte (CBD-rich clone), which was crossed with a red Angel (only a CBD variety from Amsterdam cloned).

Charlotte’s Angel is very popular with cannabis lovers who want to enjoy a joint without being stoned. It is also suitable for the production of concentrates. You get the same satisfactory experience with the same taste as a THC-rich variety. They feel medically treated and are still not high, which gives the user a positive feeling of well being. It can hardly be explained, you should just try it out! The first variety with low THC content of Dutch passion: CBD Charlotte’s Angel ®!