CBD-crew Review

CBD-crew Review

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The CBD-crew is a joint venture between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds aimed to produce 100% CBD-rich seeds for medical marijuana patients.

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  1. Dutch Passion’s Original Flo Feminized Seeds are a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica cross with very Sativa typical characteristics that also matures very early. The Dutch Passion Flo Plants have huge, firm, spear-shaped buds which are derived from small, densely stuffed purple hue calyxes. The plants are higher and want to branch out. Indoors the buds are wholly mature in the conclusion in their sixth week. Outdoors the plant is the mega producer when multi-harvested over a span of time. Dutch Passion Flo Feminized is designed for greenhouse production. The motivational high created by the Flo is rather unique, the taste is comparable to Nepalese Temple Hash. These Flo seeds are supposed to develop a most pleasing and delightful experience.

  2. An extremely exotic variety belonging to the hills of Nepal. Double back crossed into Northern Lights, the original seeds were acquired from a Shiva Baba which smokes for spiritual enlightenment; the seeds had been gifted to me by the sacred man before my departure. Packed with spicy sweet flavor, the Nepal Baba is a genuinely sublime variety.

  3. Short and strong plant, fast flowering, good yielding plant if grown a little longer. Very fruity with hints of onion/garlic fragrances.