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MCT oil can promote better digestion, fat absorption, and energy levels for your dog. It also functions as an excellent carrier oil for CBD oil! Why is MCT oil in our tinctures? MCT acts as a carrier for CBD, increases the bioavailability of our tinctures, and offers a plethora of benefits for your dog.

MCT Oil For Dogs: Is It Beneficial To Use?

MCT oil is growing increasingly popular as a result of its health benefits for humans. Some people use MCT oil to better absorb fats, while others use it for an extra quick kick of energy.

MCT oil is the best carrier oil due to its low molecular weight, so if you’re using any oil based supplements, food grade essential oils, or high quality CBD products you may have come across MCT oil without even knowing it.

So, how do MCT oil’s benefits transfer over to dogs? Is MCT oil safe for dogs? And is it advantageous to include MCT oil as a part of your dog’s daily regimen?

For all this and more info on how to support your pet’s health, keep reading!

What Are MCTs?

In most foods you eat that contain fats, such as meat, and nuts, you will tend to find LCTs, or long-chain triglycerides. However, certain foods, particularly coconut oil and palm kernel oil, contain large amounts of a different type of fat: MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides. LCTs and MCTs primarily differ when it comes to the length of their fatty acids (molecular weight).

The length of the fatty acids in both MCTs and LCTs are actually in their name: MCTs have “medium” length fatty acids, while LCTs have “long” fatty acids. This difference in length is important because it helps explain how the body responds to and processes these fats.

The shorter fatty acid length of MCTs means the human body can digest them much quicker and more efficiently than it would LCTs. The lower molecular weight of MCTs means they will travel directly to the liver to be processed, where they can be quickly absorbed. Finally, because of the first two points listed, MCTs are more likely to be converted immediately into energy, rather than stored as body fat. Basically MCTs function more like carbs than they do fats when it comes to how the body processes them and ability to be used as energy quickly.

You can find MCTs in coconut oil and palm kernel oil, but the best, most concentrated source of MCTs is MCT oil.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, two rich sources of MCTs. Using a process called fractionation, MCTs are separated from their original source so that you only have MCTs left and none of the LCTs. This creates the product known as MCT oil.

Most MCT oils will contain 100% MCTs: primarily caprylic acid, caproic acid, and capric acid. These three types of MCTs contain anywhere from 6 to 10 carbon atoms per fatty acid, making them “medium” length and easier for the body to break down and absorb. There is a fourth MCT called Lauric Acid which has 12 carbon atoms but it’s higher molecular weight makes it so that it is not absorbed the same as the other MCTs.

Why Do Humans Use MCT Oil?

MCT oil is attractive because of the following benefits:

    MCT oil promotes betterfat absorption . If for whatever reason your body struggles to digest and absorb the necessary amount of fat, your doctor may recommend that you supplement any dietary fat you consume with MCT oil given it is processed directly by the liver.

Basically, MCT oil is an enticing alternative to LCT-rich sources of fat.

MCT Oil Benefits For Dogs

Now that we have determined why MCT oil is so beneficial for humans, it is time to move on to dogs.

So, firstly, is it beneficial to feed your dog MCT oil and other foods (like coconut oil) that are high in MCTs?

The simple answer to this is… it’s best left up to your veterinarian as they can give you advice on how MCT Oil fits into your pup’s overall diet. That said we will dive into it a bit more below.

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They know your dog’s overall health better than anyone else, and they can determine whether or not MCT oil is suitable for your pet’s needs. If you have a young, healthy pup, they may not have any reason to take MCT oil. On the other hand, if your dog has certain health issues or is getting up there in age, MCT oil could potentially be beneficial to them.

Ultimately, you and your veterinarian should make an educated decision together.

To be quite clear, MCT oil is generally safe for your pup in the sense that it will not worsen any problems they may have or irritate their digestive system (assuming it’s not consumed excessively), and has few reported side effects. When pups consume too much of any oil it may cause runny poop so definitely keep it in moderation. However, you do not want to feed your pup empty calories that neither helps nor hurts them, and MCT oil’s benefits are typically more applicable to the needs of senior dogs.

So, what are these benefits, anyways?

For one, MCT oils are better sources of energy than other types of fats. This is because MCTs are quicker and easier for your pup to metabolize , so they can use MCT oil as energy immediately, as opposed to storing it for later as body fat.

MCT oil is also a fantastic carrier oil which is actually where you see most of the MCT oil being consumed by dogs. This means it can help dilute CBD products (among other supplements) and support their absorption. CBD products are also not just beneficial to humans–it turns out your pet can really benefit from them too!

CBD Benefits For Dogs

CBD promotes better overall wellness and health for your beloved pet. Using CBD oil is a safe, simple, and effective way to get your dog feeling their best, most active, and relaxed self!

For one, CBD supports joint health. Your dog’s mobility naturally declines as they get older, but CBD oil can help ease some of the everyday discomfort they may be feeling.

CBD is also beneficial for your dog’s mental wellness. Using CBD as a supplement can help soothe any feelings of uncertainty (perhaps they have separation issues, for example) and support emotional balance.

There are multiple ways you can give your pup CBD oil. Firstly there are pet tinctures , or “droppers”. The ideal way to use these is by dropping them directly into your pet’s mouth, but you can also add them to their dog bowl during mealtime. Your pup may also enjoy combining CBD oil with its favorite nutritious snack!

Here at Leafwell Botanicals , we use MCT oil as a carrying agent with all of our pet-friendly CBD products , including pet tinctures. This ensures that your pup will be able to best absorb the CBD oil, while also experiencing the benefits of MCT oil as well!

Before giving CBD oil to your dog, it may be worth speaking with your veterinarian to make sure it is right for them though many of them are barred from commenting on CBD. The right dose to use will vary based on the size of your dog and their particular needs. Though most dogs tolerate CBD oil well, you will want to slowly build up to the optimal dose so your pup can get used to the supplement.

It’s also important to note that if your dog experiences an upset stomach it is not necessarily the CBD and can just be consuming too much oil. To combat this, you may opt for a higher potency CBD Oil and give them less of the oil since it’s more concentrated. Call or email us if you have questions!

In Conclusion

MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are a type of fat that contains relatively shorter fatty acids. As a result, your pup is better able to digest, metabolize, and absorb MCTs. Your pup’s body is also more likely to use them as energy, rather than storing them as body fat for later use.

MCT oil is a pure source of medium-chain triglycerides. We humans can use MCT oil to increase our fat absorption and energy levels. We may also use it as a carrier oil when consuming CBD products.

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For dogs, the benefits of MCT oil are quite similar, including better absorption and energy levels. Dogs are able to tolerate MCT oil generally well in moderation and just like humans, dogs can benefit from using MCT oil as a carrier oil for pet-friendly CBD products.

CBD can support your dog’s joint health, help ease any unease they may experience on a regular basis, and promote overall holistic health. MCT oil will help make the CBD oil bearable to consume and it will also help with the absorption of the CBD, so your pup can reap all of CBD’s benefits.

You can find organically grown and manufactured, pet-friendly CBD tinctures here !

MCT Oil for Dogs: CocoTherapy

You’ll notice in our own tinctures, as well as many others, that MCT oil is one of the main ingredients, in addition to the CBD. Why would MCT oil be incorporated into the product? What are the benefits of MCT oil for dogs? Coconut oil is made of saturated fat, so it seems like we would want to steer clear. However, while saturated fats are generally considered bad fats, not all saturated fats are the same. While most saturated fats are comprised of long chain fatty acids, MCTs differ in their carbon length.

Table of Contents

What is MCT Oil?

MCT, or medium-chain-triglycerides, contain medium-length fat chains. Due to their short length, they are easily digestible and assist with the absorption of nutrients. They also contain beneficial acids known as lauric, capric, caprylic, myristic, and palmitic acids.

MCT oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil ; 63% of the fat in coconut oil contains MCTs. It can also be found in palm oil and various dairy products.


MCT oil protects CBD from being completely broken down by the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream . CBD is fat-soluble and is known to be most effective when it’s taken with saturated fats. MCT acts as the vehicle to transport CBD where it needs to go to help the body.

Once CBD reaches the liver, it’s broken down into very small components that are not used effectively in the body. MCT carries most of the CBD into the bloodstream so it’s not damaged by metabolic processes.

The goal of a high-quality CBD tincture is to have high bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the efficiency with which a therapeutic compound is absorbed into the bloodstream. This is important because it affects how much to give in one dose, and how quickly your pet can feel the effects.

Benefits of MCT Oil for Dogs

MCT isn’t only beneficial as a carrier for CBD. MCT carries a wide range of benefits to your pet. Compared to other fats, MCTs are absorbed faster and are more likely to be utilized as a source of energy, rather than stored as fat. The rapid use of MCT by the body makes it an excellent source of energy for the brain. In fact, MCTs have been shown to be effective in enhancing cognitive function in both senior dogs and humans.

According to research published in the British Journal of Nutrition , “ the cognitive assessment data showed that the performance of the MCT-supplemented group was superior to that of control group in the land-1 and land-2 tasks, and the egocentric learning and reversal task and on the variable object components of the attention protocol.” The study went on to state “the present study shows that supplementation of MCT in aging dogs can significantly increase blood ketone body concentrations under fed conditions and improve age-related decline in cognitive function by providing an alternative source of brain energy in old healthy dogs. The MCT-containing diet had no adverse effects on CBC and blood chemistry.”

In addition to serving as food for the brain, researchers have found benefits of MCT oil for dogs with seizures, as well as reduction of gastrointestinal inflammation, and as effective antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.

They are also useful in cancer therapy . Due to their ease-of-digestibility, they provide cancer patients with excellent nutrition that supports not just one but many body systems.

Increasing Shelf Life

Not only does a lack of MCT decrease the quality of the tincture, but a tincture that doesn’t contain MCT is known not to last as long as one that does. We want to keep our high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil as long as possible. But, like other natural products, there is an approximate amount of time that can pass before it’s labeled as no longer viable. At CBD Dog Health, our products (they do contain MCT) remain viable for approximately two years when unopened. Once they have been opened, we recommend a shelf life of one year.

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Two sisters, Charisa Antigua and Carmina O’ Connor, began an organically-grown, pure coconut oil producing organization. On our podcast, ‘It’s A Dog’s Life with Angela Ardolino’ , we had the pleasure of speaking with the founders. We are happy to utilize CocoTherapy’s coconut oil in our salves and their MCT in our tinctures.

The founders own a USDA-certified organic and non-GMO verified farm and facility in the Philippines. They p roduce all of their coconut oil from start to finish using techniques they learned from their grandmother. Charissa and Carmina come from three generations of a coconut-producing family.

Like CBD oil, not all coconut oil is created equal. There are certain aspects a potential buyer should look for. Are they 100% organically grown? Can it be traced back to the farm? While traceability is extremely difficult (if not impossible) for many commercially produced coconut oils, CocoTherapy Virgin Coconut Oil and MCT Oils are 100% certified organic and Non-GMO Verified, with a lot # assigned to every batch produced. This enables every batch to be traced back to its crop of origin whenever necessary.

The levels of beneficial acids must also be very high in order to be scientifically therapeutic. This is accomplished not only via the processing methods, but by the type of coconuts used and harvesting schedules as well.

According to Ms. Antigua, “coconuts take 12 months to ripen on a tree, but a lot of companies harvest their coconuts too early, after three or four months.” She continued to explain, “you won’t get all of the nutrients if the coconut was removed from the tree prior to ripening. Our coconuts are also freshly grated and wet-milled , and the coconut milk is pressed from fresh coconuts . A lot of other coconut oils are made from dry coconuts, which are stored and sent to facilities hundreds of miles away, and then they rehydrate them with water and then make the oil with the coconuts that were rehydrated. Which means they are made with diluted coconut milk and are rehydrated with possibly contaminated water.”

Following the launch of CocoTherapy in 2009, Antigua and O’Connor have continued to teach others about the importance of therapeutic-grade coconut oil. You can learn more about their process by listening to the podcast here .

Final Thoughts

Every component in our tinctures is included to further benefit your pet. MCT oil is one of the main critical ingredients to act as a carrier for CBD, for overall health and well-being, and for antimicrobial/antibacterial purposes. MCT increases the bioavailability of our products to ensure your pet receives the most effective, therapeutic tincture.

Hernando Umana

Father of Blanche, and 8-year old Shih Tzu and senior rescue Linda, Hernando Umana is a Broadway performer in New York City and works tirelessly to share the benefits of CBD with pet parents across the country. He graduated from Dr. Sulak’s Healer Cannabis Dosage Protocols and Methodologies. Despite his confidence and talent, Hernando found himself struggling after graduation. In a profession where anxiety is absolutely crippling, he wasn’t getting the kind of work he knew he should be getting. Thankfully, during one of his many visits to Angie in Florida, she introduced him to CBD and he has never looked back. Four years later, he had opened two first national tours, been on Broadway, worked with Cyndi Lauper, Brendan Urie, Andrew Loyd Webber, and many others. And now – Hernando is Co-Owner of CBD Dog Health. CBD was life-changing for both of them, and he could not be happier to be in a business doing something he loves so much that helps dogs like Blanche live a happy, stress-free life.

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