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Shop at LivWell’s Fort Collins medical and recreational dispensary. Enjoy a large variety of high-quality cannabis products. FORT COLLINS, COLORADO Fort Collins, CO CBD Oil Store Update: On May 21 2021, we closed our flagship store to focus all efforts on our online store and partnerships across the country. If you're in Fort Collins and looking for premium CBD, check out one of our local partners listed below. The Joy Organics flagship stor Explore the CBDepot – Fort Collins menu on Leafly. See what CBD, Delta 8, and Hemp CBD products are available, compare prices, or read product reviews.

LivWell Fort Collins Dispensary

LivWell Fort Collins is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary serving customers across Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Located just off of Highway 287, or North College Ave, our cannabis store is just a few minutes from I-25, within sight of the Cache la Poudre River and 40 minutes from Wyoming.

Our Fort Collins dispensary is surrounded by several notable landmarks, including beautiful parks, breweries, the Front Range, and the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area, as well as Colorado State University and Front Range Community College. Our dispensary in Fort Collins serves many Northern Colorado communities, including Wellington, Bellevue, Nunn, and Red Feather Lakes.

Shop our Fort Collins Dispensary

At LivWell, our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality cannabis products from well-known brands. A seed-to-sale operation, LivWell has three grades of cannabis flower to meet every preference and budget, along with all of the leading brands of concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more at our Fort Collins dispensary. We’re also fully stocked with glass, apparel, and accessories, so you’re sure to have everything you need after stopping by.

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Join our Dispensary Loyalty Program

Get the most out of your LivWell experience by joining LivWell Rewards, our industry-leading customer loyalty program. Our rewards members enjoy:

    every day
  • $5 Rewards credit for every 100 points earned
  • $10 Rewards credit on your birthday

Dispensary Deals & Discounts

In addition to our rewards program, our dispensary in Fort Collins offers a variety of weekly deals and discounts on specific products. We also offer 10% off for veterans. Check out our Colorado Deals page for more information.

Fort Collins, CO CBD Oil Store

Update: On May 21 2021, we closed our flagship store to focus all efforts on our online store and partnerships across the country. If you’re in Fort Collins and looking for premium CBD, check out one of our local partners listed below.

The Joy Organics flagship store opened in July of 2018 in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Not only are Joy’s premium, broad spectrum CBD oil products improving the lives of people in her community, but people also love going to her store, known for its unique and peaceful atmosphere. People visit to learn about CBD oil and sample products in a comfortable, spa-like environment.

On May 21 2021, Joy Organics closed their Fort Collins store to place their primary focus on their online store and promoting health nationwide.

The family-founded brand began with selling a small line of premium CBD products that included CBD tinctures, CBD softgels, and a CBD salve. Today, Joy has expanded her product line to include top-quality CBD gummies, CBD energy drinks, CBD bath bombs, CBD lotion, and more! They’ve partnered with thousands of business across the country who share in their mission to provide quality CBD products to those who need them most.

The formulation process doesn’t end at simply finding the best quality hemp extract. Every single ingredient in Joy’s product collection was carefully sourced for quality, efficacy and sustainability. Her goal has always been to offer the best CBD oil products at an accessible price and improve as many lives as possible in the process.

Come try Joy Organics premium CBD in Fort Collins and experience the Joy difference today at our partner locations below!

Impact Chiropractic
1730 S. College Ave. Suite 100
(970) 223-5501

Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine
313 W. Drake Rd.
(970) 237-1062

Up’N Smoke
514 S. College Ave. Suite B1
(970) 472-0025

Sprouts Farmers Market
4345 Corbett Dr
(925) 307-1175

Sprouts Farmers Market
2601 S Lemay Ave
(970) 282-8003

Sprouts Farmers Market (Loveland)
1440 N Lincoln Ave
(970) 800-5607

CBDepot – Fort Collins

The products we carry are non psychoactive and extracted from industrial hemp grown in Colorado and other regulated states. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular due to the variety of ailments it can relieve in people and animals. We are happy to answer any questions you have. More information and online ordering available at www.cbdepotco.com.

Leafly member since 2018

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11 Reviews of CBDepot – Fort Collins

I am very displeased with my experience at CBDepot. I was in there a few weeks ago to purchase a grinder. The gentleman who assisted me was very pleasant. The grinder he sold me was, in his words, the Cadillac of grinders. I used it a couple of times and began to notice little black flakes in my herb. On closer inspection it was paint. The grinders coating had been shedding into my herb. Last time I checked a Cadillac’s paint doesn’t come off after a few drives. Naturally I took it back in to see about an exchange or a refund. I was told that they couldn’t do an exchange or refund because of COVID. I can understand how that would affect an exchange, but it is ridiculous that they can’t do a refund or a credit towards a new one. The manager was able to tell me that I had been smoking aluminum lake whatever good that does me. Although the staff was pleasant and tried to be helpful, I will NOT be shopping there again because they refuse to stand by their shoddy products and try to hide behind it’s own asinine policies.

Answered questions about products for our chihuahua Doug! Also picked up some sour asteroids made here in CO! Great place, nice people and great products.

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