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CBD Stores Springfield MO This is a great gym with awesome coaching! You can tell that the owner(s) really care about their members through the coaches. Another great perk is the condition they Springfield oils, Спрингфилд (Миссури). Отметки "Нравится": 6 176 · Обсуждают: 12 · Посетили: 208. We are the first dedicated CBD store in Springfield!…

CBD Stores Springfield MO

This is a great gym with awesome coaching! You can tell that the owner(s) really care about their members through the coaches. Another great perk is the condition they keep their equipment, it gets replaced often enough and is organized. I only hope to find a box as good as this when I have to move in the future! – Jordan Kenyon

CFS is a family, not just a great place to workout. Yes crossfit can be intimidating, but walking in the door was the toughest part, once you step foot in Crossfit Springfield you will never feel uncomfortable. The programming is great and there is something for every level of person. – Jeremy Custer

Probably the nicest Crossfit gym I’ve been in. Clean, great equipment, awesome coaches and really friendly people. I dropped in for a couple days while I was in town and it was an awesome experience. Highly recommend if you’re in the area! – Steven Bales

CBD Super Store of Springfield Missouri

Address: 1735 W Sunshine St Suite 108, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: (417) 863-0772


Great customer service. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful to those who are not yet informed on the benefits of cbd. You can tell they are passionate about the benefits of the products they provide. Also…they let you have a free sample cup of their cbd coffee. I highly suggest you try it! – Cassandra Kelley

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Great service, Heather was very informative!
Pure leaf is one of my favorite products that they have. – mike Ekim

I’ve visited twice in regards to many questions about the different strains of kratom. It almost becomes confusing these days. I’m on disability for a back injury so getting around sometimes is difficult. Yesterday I bought 3 different types.. yesterday I tried dark green Borneo and it was so so but not overly impressed. Today I tried some red malay……A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! TOMORROW ILL TRY SOME RED THAI. IVE RESEARCHED THERE BRANDS AND THEY ARE GOOD. JUST FINDING THE STRAIN. I ONLY DOSE ONCE A DAY. THE RED MALAY THREW ME STRAIGHT INTO A INTENSE WORKOUT AND HAS ME FEELING LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. AWESOME PRICES AND MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM. I THINK IM A RED KINDA GUY! GREAT STORE!
This store has every strain of kratom one would need. Im adding this to my old reviews. They’ve added vendors which are top notch. Kratom has become a lifesaver for me in two areas. They have what you need. If you have questions and they can’t help, pm me and ill meet you up there.
I’d love having a part time job there to help others, ive researched kratom ALOT and tried alot of different strains finding what works for me. – Andy Lyon

Your Sunshine Co. CBD of Downtown Branson

Address: 204 N Commercial St, Branson, MO 65616

Phone: (417) 335-3777


My husband and I bought the 2000 mg cbd oil from David who was very educated helpful and just a joy to be around! This product is amazing !! – ceejae coberley

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Love the customer service been here multiple times good products at a decent price and David was fantastic – gage ketchersid

Cannabis Resource Center

Address: 210 W Republic Rd Ste 108, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: (417) 718-4356


ALL Employees are very informative. I went to the beginner grow class and Cris and Justin had a boatload of information. All questions were answered verbally or through demonstration for further understanding. If you have any questions, talk to these folks – Tim Henderson

Super easy and painless. They were very professional and the response was quick. Will definitely use again! – Farrah Garrison

Great place to get your medical card, knowledgeable about cultivation, and have grow supplies available. – Jamie


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Springfield oils

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Springfield oils

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Springfield oils

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