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Explore the CBD Plus USA – Tulsa Memorial Drive menu on Leafly. See what CBD, Delta 8, and Hemp CBD products are available, compare prices, or read product reviews. Essential cannabis sells a wide range of THC oil and CBD oil geared to improve your health and well being. Our Tulsa cannabis oils are first rate alternatives.

CBD Plus USA – Tulsa Memorial Drive

We at CBD Plus USA believe in a more natural way of managing your health. CBD isn’t the only way to do that, but it is a great option. We have spent a lot of time researching the health benefits of the Hemp plant and have created products that we are proud of. Our focus is on providing you with the highest quality products at the most affordable price. Come visit with one of our experts to see what CBD can do for you. When you come in, take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards Program to earn free products. Live your best life.


Our selection of CBD oils and tincture blends have a smooth earthy taste with rich cannabinoid flavor. When you buy CBD oil from Essential Cannabis, you’re relying on the purest oils from natural sources. Our products are trusted by holistic health professionals and have been made with safe, organic plants of the highest quality. CBD oil has also been known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and could benefit hearth health. These oils are processed with some of the highest organic standards when it comes to planting, harvest, and bottling. Every batch is processed and tested to ensure potency and purity.

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Essential THC Oil

THC oil offers a first-rate alternative for enjoying cannabis! THC oils are potent blends created by the use of various extraction methods that pull THC from the plant. They have a diverse number of ways they can be used and enjoyed.

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