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charge 508 seeds

Charge 508 seeds

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Charge 508 seeds

Seed orders are filled on a priority system:

“R” stands for Retained On.

Quahogs (Hard-shelled Clams)

Size Conversions
3mm ≈ 1/8″ 6.3mm ≈ 1/4″ 13mm ≈ 1/2″ 19mm = .75”

1. Orders for seed of specific sizes are filled when those sizes become available, and in the order of
the dates deposits are received (minimum 20%).
2. Occasionally, A.R.C. will accept seed orders without deposits, but they will be filled only after the orders with deposits.

Ordering Information

The number Indicates the approximate size (in millimeters) of the largest screen on which the seed can be retained. So, an R4 seed is “Retained On” a 4mm screen. It will, however, fall through a 6mm screen.

Charge 508 seeds

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Seedling prices for 2021 – 2022

Seedling sales open July 1, and deliveries begin the first week in December. Buyers can receive orders at their local GFC office or pick them up at GFC’s Flint River Nursery in Byromville.

Single family seedlots mean the seeds all come from the same mother tree. As a result, all the seedlings from a single-family seedlot are closely related. In a mixed seedlot, the seeds are derived from a number of mother trees and therefore more genetically diverse. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

Is there an advantage to planting single families as opposed to mixed families?

All seedlings sold through GFC nurseries are grown from seed adapted to Georgia’s unique climate and soils. We process our seeds at our seed conditioning plant in Dry Branch, Georgia. Husks, wings and debris are removed and damaged or unhealthy seeds are discarded. Seeds are then dried for storage or prepared for immediate planting.

GFC offers a wide variety of pine and hardwood seedlings. We cater to small, private, non-industrial landowners and we serve thousands of customers in that capacity. Seedlings are available in small or large quantities and we offer varieties suitable for all environments in Georgia. Many of our seedlings have been genetically improved to adapt to Georgia’s unique climate conditions.

Complete brochure on seedling types, care, and ordering information.

Tree Seedling FAQs

Maybe. In a mixed seedlot the genetic value is the average of the families in the mix. If you are lucky enough to plant a single family that is above average you gain an advantage. If the family is below average, you don’t. Unfortunately, the very best families are always in high demand and frequently not available to many customers. Find out more about purchasing seedlings.

View schedule for seedling delivery.