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charlotte’s web cannabis seeds

Charlotte's web cannabis seeds

However, most users are surprised by the mellow terpenes in Charlotte’s Web seeds. The three dominant terpenes are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

As long as you treat your Charlotte’s Web crop the same as any other cannabis strain, you will have a successful harvest. The challenge isn’t the cultivation process — it’s stopping yourself from sampling one of the delicate flowers before they ripen.

As you gaze at Charlotte’s Web weed, you’ll quickly notice that it looks no different than a top-shelf cannabis flower. Charlotte’s Web weed is notable for its semi-dense and medium-size flowers. The calyxes are pale green, and pistil clusters burst forth at every angle.

The myrcene in Charlotte’s Web seeds promotes a delicate touch of blooming flowers in the summer. The caryophyllene is responsible for the lightly spiced aroma. Lastly, the pinene presents a fresh pine-like aroma that quickly brightens the mood.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Charlotte’s Web Seeds:

The result was Hippie’s Disappointment. Although this strain wasn’t sought after by cannabis connoisseurs due to its lack of THC — it immediately drew interest among medical marijuana patients.

Furthermore, CBD can reduce the effects of THC. Research shows that CBD inhibits THC from taking effect, further explaining why CBD-dominant strains lessen the “high effect.” The beauty of Charlotte’s Web is that it allows anyone to promote relaxation and euphoria without THC’s stigma.

The effects of Charlotte’s Web weed is astounding.


Currently, Charlotte’s Web seeds are immensely popular worldwide, especially throughout the USA and Amsterdam. If you have a chance to buy Charlotte’s Web seeds, consider yourself lucky because this is a challenging strain to find.

Before the release of Charlotte’s Web seeds, the Charlotte’s Web strain was a proprietary clone-only variety. However, hemp cultivars are industrial crops by nature, which means they are relatively straightforward to grow.

Charlotte’s Web has many great properties in helping a wide range of ailments. Depression, anxiety, arthritis to name a few. Because this is a CBD strain this will not have you feeling tired, but have you feeling energetic and uplifted. With earthy and citrus flavors Charlotte’s Web was created to provide a relaxing, focused effect. In contrast to high THC varieties it can be used without interfering with your daily routine. The low level of THC ensures that the strain is non-psychoactive but benefits from the entourage effect achieved with a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. As a result, concentration, encouragement and creativity are all extra benefits of Charlotte’s Web CBD.

Our Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain is an almost balanced hybrid of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Many customers love the flavor of earthy, lemon, pine, and woody. Charlotte’s Web is the most popular of all CBD strains in the world. Furthermore, this strain was developed in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers with a goal to create the world’s best CBD strain. Once fully cultivated this strain will be loved by many for years to come.

Charlotte’s Web CBD flowering time is 6 to 7 weeks. Great for all beginner and experienced growers, this strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Both will be able to yield 400 grams in both settings. Make sure to be mindful of the environment as humidity and temperament play a huge role in growing this strain. The height of the plant can reach 120 cm. In addition, The Seed Fair is very proud to offer this strain to our customers as it has been many years of clients seeking this exact product. Take advantage of this strain and add this to your exotic seed collection today. Dont forget to use our Free Shipping and Free Seeds when you Buy Marijuana Seeds Online with The Seed Fair.

Effects of Charlotte’s Web

How does Charlotte’s Web Grow?