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cheap soil for growing weed

Cheap soil for growing weed

Healthy soil is essential to growing quality cannabis, but new soil can be prohibitively expensive.

Double Digging

Mulch refers to a topmost layer of added material that benefits the soil. The most readily available type of mulch is wood chips. Oftentimes, you can source wood chips for free from tree management companies.

Wood Chip Mulch

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to break a sweat! Double digging is as simple as it sounds: dig into your soil a few feet deep, turn the soil over, and repeat the process.

Cheap soil for growing weed

• Does the growing medium contain nutrients?

Another factor that can influence cost is whether you can reuse the medium. You don’t normally reuse a typical soil mix as the nutrients will be depleted after one grow. For your next grow, you’d just start with a fresh batch.


On the other hand, growing in coco has the advantage of being less prone to bug infestations. This could save you some money on insecticides. Yes, there will be the initial cost of nutrients, but once you have everything, it can last you a good while. Likewise, you can reuse your coco up to 2–3 times. When it comes to the quality of your weed when growing in coco, results will usually be good to excellent.


What’s important to know with potting mixes is that you can often find them pre-fertilised. But, there are also “light” potting mixes with few nutrients (good for autoflowers) and also special mixes (for seedlings, etc.) that do not contain any nutrients at all. With the common pre-fertilised types, your plants can usually go through the first 3–4 weeks of life without feeding, but after this time you will need to give nutrients.

Cheap soil for growing weed

Good Cannabis Soil
Rich and light composted soil. Since this soil doesn’t have a lot of perlite, it’s a good choice for a grower who doesn’t want to add a lot of extra nutrients or supplements in the water.

Bad Cannabis Soil
Cannabis soil should not have a whole lot of big visible wood chips in it. That means the soil hasn’t been fully composted, and all the nutrients and goodness in that wood is mostly unavailable to your plants.

Example of “Good” Cannabis Soil Ingredients

Now here are a few examples of good and bad cannabis soil so you can see the texture you’re looking for!

Example of happy marijuana plants in good soil!

More About Common Amendments to Alter Texture, Drainage & Water Retention of Soil

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about what nutrients and amendments are in the soil, and those are important, but perhaps the most important aspect of any soil is actually its texture, ability to drain, and overall water “holding” ability.