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Cheese Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 14%
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS14 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Cheese Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

UK Cheese, that’s one of those I don’t know a lot about, but I’ve grown it a couple of times. It’s a 50/50 indica/sativa from what I’ve seen. To me, it looks like it’s got similar characteristics to Kali Mist but a bit better yield. It’s got big, huge calyxes.

UK Cheese was very easy to grow when we grew it. It was a beginner dummy-proof strain. It’s a United Kingdom indoor strain. It was bred over there just for growing it indoor. I don’t think they grow a lot outdoor in England.

UK Cheese, when we grew it, it was about 60 to 70 days. It would depend. I could see it going a few more if you were really on your P’s and Q’s.

We pulled eight ounces when we did one grow. When we did a regular, regular grow just to see what it would do and with my method, I put it in a room full of two pound plants, and it got about a pound off of it, so that should tell you. It’s not the greatest yielder in the world, but it’s not bad.

UK Cheese topped out at about six feet one when I grew it, so four to six feet, I’d say. The pros of growing UK Cheese is it’s a good bud; the cons is it could yield better. Watch it’s finishing. It’s one of those ones that looks finished before it is.

UK Cheese is very similar to the Northern Lights strain in that family of the indoor brand.

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  1. Feminized strain. Crossing a British home Cheese genetic with a selection of Blueberry genetics, we have obtained a sweet and fruity strain, with intense flavor and big yields.

  2. The UK Cheese clone was blessed to all of us by ways of an acquaintance in the United Kingdom right as the Cheese strain was beginning to gain worldwide acknowledgement. We appreciated her for quite a while prior to commencing work on it and are now equipped to share her with all the world. The UK Cheese executed by BC style! Crossed along with a 20-year-old Skunk #1 male via Sam the Skunkman prior to being backcrossed in to the stabilized and clone, the BC Cheese is precisely what a cheese lover craves and appreciates. A powerful high along with a cheesy enhanced flavor so compelling that it must be challenging to place a finger on, this fine option for connoisseurs will have you smiling and savoring every toke.

  3. Big Buddha Seeds presents Bubble Cheese. It was originally developed by Big Buddha’s British chum, Mr Cheese. By employing an old skool Bubblegum crossed with the original Exodus Cheese.

  4. These feminized Seeds from Big Buddha Seeds are classified as FreezeCheese 89, harking back again to its roots the ‘Friesland Indica’ is a really classic strain of this past year, originally through the Super Sativa Seed club, Holland. These female Seeds is a mixture of the Friesland Indica and the celebrated Big Buddha Cheese. Big Buddha Seeds sourced the very first Friesland Indica seed in the vaults of just one of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops. After testing, the ‘Friesland Indica’ ended up being a genuine classic Traditional Indica strain. The ‘Friesland’ ended up being crossed to our own classic strain the ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ producing to the Freeze Cheese 89, an authentic frostmaster.

  5. This bud is tasty! My dealer got this is a few weeks ago and I noticed the bag wasn’t as big as usual, he said break it up and it’ll last you. I took it out the bag and it was so dry, you could see the crystals! I rolled a fatty and lit it up. Before I’d even finished t I could feel it. The high lasted a couple hours. Strong but tasty!

  6. UK Cheese, a perfect example of a hybrid cannabis plant. This indica dominant crossbreed is widely grown in the UK, hence the name. Dense lite, green nuggets. You will never be disappointed when going for the Uk Cheese! An extremely delectable fruity and flowery mixture. It has a very spicy cheese taste that is quite unique. Recommended for nighttime use. Its effects are quite hard hitting around the eyes and you receive a nice clear headed high. Its so tasty and delicious it will leave you wanting more .. Don’t let the name fool you. Try out some UK Cheese!

  7. sam the skunkman is mostley responsabl for skunk 1…he sold it to sensi seeds and the immediatly made it mainsteam…it was not 100% stable..a guy growing outside in the chiltern hills outside london left his grow too late and found a bizzare pheno..the first cheese…it made its way underground to haz hall and the ( hippies )there who gifted it to keepers..this is the origonal sativa pheno ..the big budder got this clone only strain crossed it with his best afhan to get seeds and then bered out the afghan to a certain extent as he was unable to reverse sex in the clone so uk chese is a bizzare skunk 1 back cross with afghan nowdays…

  8. Cheese Bomb Seeds by Bomb Seeds seedbank is known as a another excellent cross, caused from the genetic mix of original UK Cheese mother along with a Bomb #3/ Bomb #1 cross. Selecting merely the finest genetics from each, these marijuana seeds utilize the genetic properties from the infamous and extremely popular Cheese strain. When crossed together with the respective Bomb strains the Cheese genetics remain dominant, this is caused by yrs of refinement, thus creating some very esteemed souvenir Seeds. Appropriate for all avid marijuana seed collectors throughout the world.

  9. Cheese Dog Seeds by the seedbank of Connoisseur Genetics; an Exodus Cheese by Chemdog cross. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the finest marijuana seed strains accessible after which put in a twist. Using anywhere possible the very first prize winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics subsequently phenotypes developed to get the best better still. This aggressive cannabis strain is an outcome of two legends being combined to establish a very vigorous strain with beautiful smells. The legend which is Cheese, the very first Exodus cut, then combined with a brilliant Chemdog leading to something which is simply the best quality marijuana seeds, Cheese Dog!

  10. The Original Exodus Cheese which is famous for its old school skunk aroma is hit with pollen from Casey Jones (featured in Dutch coffee shops such as Grey Area). Very branchy plants with excellent vigor, good bud to leaf ratio. Expect a musky, skunk flavour infused with diesel and a sweet aniseed undertones. Top-notch quality and ideal yields ensure that they’ll be a favourite with the cash cropper in addition to the connoisseur.

  11. Want pungent, tangy tasty weed that isn’t a chore to grow? Sour Cheese is the best mix of the very 1st Exodus Cheese and Strawberry genetics, having a shocking dominance in the paternal flavour. As a result of tried-and-true classic quality for these 2 strains the Sour Cheese offers the best combination of Cheesy sweet and sour flavor, powerful Kush body hit and high yield having a greater than appealing flowering duration of eight to nine weeks.

  12. Dready Cheese originates from the UK Cheese, brought to you by Dready Bob from Dready Seeds. These feminized cannabis seed is a result of careful selection of a male from a well guarded Skunk No. 1 strain which has then been bred back into Orignal Cheese, to create these wonderful new Female Dready Cheese Seeds. This feminized marijuana seed, just like the initial UK cheese contains the unmistakeable aroma that turns head and gets everyone excited. It is a commonly Sativa selection but still has various Indica qualities that can be seen in it?s shorter than usual height, making it the a ‘best of both worlds’ sort of plant!

  13. Awards: 1st place Indica Cup High Times Cannabis Cup (2006) Skunk-Kush cross, directly from the UKIntense musky earthy taste, very dominating. Powerful body stoned, together with bursts of mental energy around 8-9 weeks, with stone-hard buds and firm calyx formation. Production as much as 700 grams per square meter. Ready middle October; plants produce really bushy, so ensure that you space the plants enough. Production as much as 800 grams per plant.

  14. It’s largely sativa, but a smaller sativa. It offers the extra sharp cheddar cheese odor. It provides big yields for just a shorter sativa, and contains a pleasurable smooth taste, a flavor that leaves you wanting more. It possesses a up high that assists with pain but doesn’t pin you to your chair.

  15. It had been 04′ when Homegrown Fantasy received a Cannabis Cup because of this “instantly famous” strain that started in the UK. The Cheese ended up to be an immediate hit when unveiled through our coffeeshop in Amsterdam. It took numerous years of back-crossing before we’re in a place to guarantee a consistent seed which could produce the higher quality buds which you expect.

  16. Cheese Tease is really a marked advancement on Skunk#1 and has ‘a twist of cheese’ that enhances the flavor nicely with a mild trace of the Exodus mom, especially enjoyed by individuals that consider the original clone overpowering.

  17. Rockster’s Cheese is the product of a three times back cross to the 1989 (U)nited(K)ingdom Exdous Cheese clone mother along with a Skunk #1 father and has an exquisite synergy of taste between the tart and cheese, citrus tang and yields exceptionally well.

  18. Swiss Cheese is actually a hybrid of Nirvana’s stopped Swiss Miss as well as a strange Skunk # 1 phenotype that was actually uncovered in the UK along with smuggled to Amsterdam in 2007. A mix of an incredibly early Swiss skunk as well as a robust stress from Nepal, Swiss Miss contributes a past college flavor that makes Swiss Cheese exceptional. This strain is actually mould-resistant and beginner pleasant.

  19. Royal Dutch Genetics proudly introduce Royal Dutch Cheese. This feminized cannabis seed from the Royal Dutch Genetics seedbank is a cross between Cheese and Nepal Star. Most cheese strains use Afghan as a base however RDG have made this redundant due to 3 years hard effort, being a direct result, Royal Dutch Cheese has both prominent Indica/ Sativa traits however is widely regarded as Indica dominant. RDG Cheese has a very prestigious lineage as can be seen, and therefore is an absolute bargain for what you are purchasing.

  20. L.A. Cheese feminized Seeds from the Royal Dutch Genetics seedbank are a cross between Royal Dutch Cheese and L.A. Confidential. It ought to be noted that L.A. Cheese is an Indica/ Sativa cross however is widely regarded as Indica dominant. This innovative new range of strains from RDG promotes the concept of cost effective pricing while still maintaining high quality marijuana seeds, a perfect addition for any feminized cannabis seed collector!

  21. Royal Dutch Genetics proudly introduce Love Cheese. This feminized cannabis seed from the Royal Dutch Genetics seedbank is a cross between Royal Dutch Cheese and Love Potion. Love Cheese is an Indica/ Sativa cross however is widely regarded as Indica dominant. Love Cheese is unique in its genetic lineage, as Love Potion descendants are difficult to get, making this feminized marijuana seed very special. Arrive and find the love!

  22. Super Silver Cheese is the resultant cross of… absolutely yes, you guessed it right… Super Silver and RD Cheese, both to come from our associates at Royal Dutch Genetics. This new cross takes the best genetics from both and encapsulates them in feminized cannabis seed form. This marijuana seed carries both Sativa and Indica properties and as such is considered as a favourite amongst collectors.

  23. The latest addition from TGA Subcool Seeds is Cheesequake. These earth shattering marijuana seeds are the cool combo of Cheese and Querkle designed to harness only the best Sativa and Indica characteristics displayed by these strains. However still remains Indica dominant. All in all cheesequake is a set of superior Seeds, ideal for any collector.