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chem driver seeds

Chem driver seeds

The Archive Expedition line invites you to explore the undiscovered depths of the Archive.

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During a typical year of research and development, roughly 20% of the seeds created at Archive Seed Bank are fully tested, evaluated, and released. The other 80% are grown internally at Archive but enjoyed only by the breeder himself. They have not been made available to the public, as they are not as thoroughly vetted for release due to a lack of available space and time in other breeding projects.

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Now for the first time ever, the Archive vault is being opened to all through the Archive Expedition line. The unrealized potential of these untouched seeds is an incredible opportunity for any grower with a hint of curiosity. Despite the unknown reasons why these lines were retired, all have a keeper waiting to be found.


Chem driver seeds

Genetics: Zkittlez x OZ Kush (Eddy Lepp OG x Zkittlez)

Genetics: Orange Valley OG x Cookies & Cream

Skelly’s Notes: This phenotype features a very exotic terpene profile, tasting of candy skittles split with robust lemon lime and maybe even a fabric softener sheet. This strain does not do well in hash, but makes delicious flower and hydrocarbon extract like our badders and sauces. The high is more stoney and couchlock than uplifting, which resembles the OZ Kush.

Breeder: Dominion Seeds/Duke Diamond

Predominant Terpenes (Top 5 from greatest to least presence):

Genetics: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Oregon Huckleberry

Skelly’s Notes: This pheno of Orange Cream leans much heavier into the sweet orange and tangerine flavor profile with a hint of cookie on the backend. Sweet, uplifting and perfect for focusing and enjoying your day.

Skelly’s Notes: Tester 51 is becoming one of our favorite genetics because of the rare combination of high levels of both CBD and THC. A great full-bodied high supported by the robust taste of cherries.

Bud Structure: Large dense, colorful nugs.