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Chemdawg Seeds
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Chemdawg Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 25%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Chemdawg Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Chemdog. There is very controversial where it comes from. Does it even exist. Personally, I believe it’s from back east, a few different mixes of some Sativas with some New York City Diesel thrown in. I’ve seen 50 different strains called that. I’ve seen 40 people claim to have bred it. To me it really doesn’t exist. It’s Bigfoot. I hear about it. You never see it. You’re always one day behind it. It was just there. There’s several strains that I call Bigfoot. And that is one of them.

16 thoughts on “Chemdawg Seeds”

  1. Being the most exotic brands of weed, there is lots of debate and confusion regarding its origins and crossbreeds. Still I guess Chemdog Seeds are the best!

  2. Chemdog IS a strain grown in Montana, sold in Colorado for years, purchased by a person in Massachusetts, during the time when the chemdog was in Mass, the chemdog in Montana and CO stopped flowing due to leo and was left alone.

  3. The Chem #3 OG regular Seeds by the Cali Connection Seedsbank is a single strain which stems from the infamous Chemdawg marijuana range. This dutch seedbank has produced another classic marijuana strain. This classic was brought about as Cali Connection decided to take the Chem 3 clone solely and strike it with the killer SFV OG f4 male, the offspring show great characteristics and a more sour note to the lemon pine.

  4. Chem 4 OG standard cannabis seed delivered by our friends from The Cali Connection seed bank. Chem 4 OG is a resultant blend of SFV OG Kush F4 male as well as the last from the original 4 Chemdawg marijuana seeds transported to Joe Brand. Joe called Chem 4 the ‘Reunion Pheno’ simply because it reminded him much of the original dogweed from crested butte. The determination to combine the two of these great strains turned out to be an incredible judgement of which this awesome regular cannabis seed is suggestive of exactly that.

  5. This cross is between 2 powerhouse strains the Pre98 Bubba was reversed to use as the male crossed to the original chem 91 skunk va cut, she is a killer hits heavy smells like purple chemical romance its great, she will take over your room with her intoxicating smell. Her flavor is lip smacking goodness.

  6. I used a very stable and potent Pakistan Chitral Kush. She is an absolute trich factory with a strong Lemon/Citrus/Pin-Sol smell. VeryPotent and hit her with my Chem D BXII , Garlic Pheno Dad? He is literally one of The Best males I have EVER seen.. This line is going to reward those lucky enough to score a pack. This limited release line, is a Sleeper pick to be One of The Best lines released in this drop. If you can help it, dDon’t miss out on this one. It’s an all around winner, and super easy to find quality parents.

  7. Chemy Jones Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics is a Casey Jones & Chemdog cross. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the ultimate marijuana seed strains on the market and subsequently squeeze in a twist. Using anywhere possible the initial prize winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics subsequently add in phenotypes created to make the greatest even greater. Chemy Jones seeds is a mixture of the real cannablis Casey Jones accompanied by a short branchy Chemdog male. Having elaborate flavours this cannabis strain is really a true all rounder.

  8. OG Chem Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank. Its an OG Kush cross of Chemdog. Connoisseur Genetics offer several of the finest marijuana seed strains available after which incorporate a twist. Using anywhere possible the initial prize winning varieties Connoisseur Genetics subsequently add in phenotypes developed to make the greatest even greater. It is a brilliant mixture of OG Kush and Chemdog. Leading to an exceptionally dense budded strain which can be very vigorous. If you’re a medicinal cannabis patient seeking a high potency strain then this may be the medical seeds you are searching for.

  9. UK Chem Marijuana Seeds from Connoisseur Genetics Seedbank. UK Chem is a mixture of OG Kush and OregonKid S1 then back crossed with Chemdog to reduce internode space. The outcome became a collection of Seeds with a few incredibly unique genetics.

  10. Our tremendously elite cut from the Chemdawg D was coupled with the pollen provided by Pepe Le Pew, our cherished G13 Skunk cross. Look out for many remarkable surprises using this F1 cross. Our favorites will be the phenos showing ChemD traits nevertheless one can’t fail with any offspring through these two strains.

  11. Trichome laden, rare strong aromas, very potent, outshines parental stock in quality, mostly short and squat, multi-branched/bushy, fast finishing chem hybrid.

  12. Plants are medium height, dark green and big budded. The smoke is quite powerful, very scrumptious yet not as pungent as other varieties.

  13. Cheddarwurst by AKG might be regarded as the first task in Alphakronik Genes’ Cheese project. Attempting to bring other flavors to the creamy and taste and fragrance from the Exodus Cheese strain, Alphakronik Genes utilized the father plant which had been employed to produce their notorious Snowdawg line, a Spacedawg male which was selected for it’s Snowdawg dominant flavor and structure. What they developed was a hybrid that’s been called by customers “the strongest weed I’ve ever smoked.” It genuinely is credited to the fact of this we now have started a stabilization process to discover the absolute finest of the best qualities in this hybrid. For the time being, you possess access to fantastic genetics until they’re gone. As a Unique hybrid, these seeds will not be accessible again whenever they are purchased out.

  14. Bush-like framework, Sweet taste with “skunky” undertones, less lemon-lime and much more skittles flavors compared to the original Cheddarwurst. If Cheddarwurst by AKG was perceived as the initial step in Alphakronik Genes “Cheese” project, Cheddarwust 2 ought to be referenced to as quality tuning from the line. Looking to boost the best flavors from the sweet and creamy Exodus Cheese phenos, we selected the Snowdawg BX male to incorporate some size and much more fruit as to what could possibly be recognized as a previously overly fruity cross. Expect medium to med/large size yields of super gooey, incredibly fragrant buds. Test growers declare she likes more P than some plants, and might even call for a few extra days of flushing at the conclusion of the flowering cycle to acquire optimum flavor. Makes wonderful ice water extract and oils.

  15. Introducing the most up-to-date strain of feminized cannabis seed from the friends at Big Buddha Seeds, founded upon the legendary Moby Dick, Cheesy Dick is really a cutting edge twist from a old classic! These female Seeds, Cheesy Dick certainly are a particularly spicy, Indica dominant strain having a musky, Big Buddha Cheese Spice. Originally Designed in Spain Moby dick, became a Critical Mass x Jack Herera. It turned out a formality at Big Buddha Seeds to release our original classic the Big Buddha Cheese within the mix thus creating ‘Cheesy Dick’.

  16. Precisely what’s Green Curry OG? Well, its a lengthy story, but basically it has been unknown OG in which was on lock down and escaped, a colleague brought it over in sorry shape together with his story, and that I nursed it back again to health in return for a clipping. It’s definitely an OG, however its bright lime greenish, more vigorous when compared to a regular OG, around the stretchy side, potent, and also the smell and flavor are certainly wild. Like smoking OG and eating a thai green curry while someone is cleansing the floor with Pinesol, quite serious! This is simply not some elaborate story to hype it upward, it is simply an extremely unique OG, and additionally have no idea what it may weII be, and for this reason I have run my fair share.

    The snow lotus father is my existing main man, he just doesn’t dismiss an awful hybrid, he’s the star child of Afgooey along with a x19 inclined blockhead male (no sweet tooth traits found) and lets the feminine traits go through within a cross while upping the scale, frost, and potency.