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cherry do-si-dos seeds

Cherry do-si-dos seeds

Fast (Tall Stretch)

Cherry Cola, Fuel, Gas, Peanut Butter

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Cherry Pie X Dosidos

Cherry Dosidos was bred by Tristan Langwinski (Midwest Best) through his basement in Indiana early on in his career. This cultivar was put together by crossing the limited released Dosidos seeds by Archive Seed Bank with a clone called “The Cherry” (Grandaddy Purple X Cherry Pie) by Dungeon Vault Genetics. This cultivar tends to have a vigorous vegetative growth with a vertical-stretch producing medium to heavy yields. She will tend to finish between 8-9 weeks indoor for a sweet, cherry gas finish!

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Terpene Analysis_Cherry Dosidos

The scent of Do Si Dos is sweet, earthy and floral in nature while its flavour is a blend of the sweet fruitiness of GSC with the creaminess of the Face Off OG.

When cultivated indoors Do Si Dos flowers in 55 – 60 days with yields in excess of 350 gr/m 2 . Outdoors in the northern hemisphere plants will be ready for harvest during September with yields of 750 gr/plant. The mature buds are very likely to turn a dark purple shade.

Do Si Dos is a cross of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies and is 70% indica. Dark purple buds and very high levels of THC accompany the medicinal value of this hybrid.

THC production can exceed 25% giving an intensely euphoric effect which evolves into a more relaxing and introspective feeling. Medicinally useful for insomnia and depression.