Cherry Pie Seeds

Cherry Pie Seeds
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Cherry Pie Info

PLANT TYPE80% Indica 20% Sativa
THCUp to 23%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Cherry Pie Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Cherry OG Seeds by way of Emerald Triangle Marijuana Seedbank. This bank proceeded to go old skool and back in its history to source and regrow some critically serious genes. Getting plants that hark in the 70’s Emerald Triangle took new genetic substance and merged them up to produce different versions which will leave you in astonishment.

These premium Marijuana Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, also attainable as female seeds, these regular seeds are literally gaining popularity amongst enthusiasts, this ensures Emerald Triangle Seeds are extremely in huge mandate from clients.

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  1. “Red Cherry Berry has been created by Barney’s Farm and is Indica dominant… Barney’s Farm’s best skunk plant backcrossed with its Californian ancestors.”

  2. Reeferman Seeds Cherry Haze has become a work in development during the last several years. It’s now truly tested and tried. It’s a hybrid strain involving Cherry Bomb indica along with a Purple Haze. The ensuing strain generates the frostiest snug buds which smell of sweet cherries. It makes respectable yields.

  3. Next Generation Seeds Romulan is actually a legendary stress in Canada and healing favorite. Over THIRTY years old and realized for its overwhelming potency. Romulan is actually the number 1 suggested medicinal stress for major seed collectors.

  4. CBD Seeds Yumbolt – Originally Afghan later adopted within the Humbolt Mountains in California. Is really a hybrid signifies 50% – 50% sativa, that at the conclusion of a bloom of 65-70 days, we had been rewarded with an memorable aroma and taste as time passes. Recommended by many since its birth from the 70’s. Ample flower production, smell and taste can help remind us California mountains, dirt, moss, or pine.

  5. When you start with these world class genetics you expect great things;her intensity surprised us – This is RIPPER. Flowered for 7-8 weeks you can expect a yield of 90-115 grams/3-4 oz indoors in a two gallon pot. This breed also loves the great outdoors.

  6. With this particular new strain we expand our sativa’s catalog with yet one more plant which will give much to debate since it is a quick flowering plant Sativa lovers cannot overlook it. It’s not appropriate for novice growers simply considering that if you find yourself bit preoccupied, or the plant is stressed out at the start of flowering, it has a predisposition to spin out its hardy growth as well as delay flowering. Additionally, it’s a fungus-resistant plant appropriate for outdoor cultivating in areas with significant humidity. Possesses a strong brain effect for those that like a creative and invigorating effect. It’s got also a great flavor since it combines sour characteristic of the Sativas along with a touch of cream and strawberry.

  7. This is your genuinely elegant alternative to paracetamol. Pain Killer was developed for you having an emphasis on all of cannabis seeds medicinal properties. It’s been developed as an organic medicine that will cause a substantial reduction in the unfavorable effects of chemotherapy and radio, nausea, pain, loss of appetite and general discomfort. Being a mixture of Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) and White Russian (Serious Seeds) this unique cannabis seed has some genuinely excellent pain killing qualities that will leave your head clean and crystal clear the next morning. Additionally, Pain Killer has a great taste and a gentle aroma of lemon juice. Pick this up in order to provide your body a treat!

  8. Self-inbred Black Domina is one of Sweet Seeds most aromatic and strong strains. They selected this plant in 1998, a favourite in Valencia and the surrounding area, winner in the second Valencia cannabis cup organised by “”Barraca de Maria”” (2004). The in-breeding of this “”super mother”” produces resinous dense buds of intense aroma and musky flavours inherited from its Afghan ancestors. Sweet Afghani Delicious (S.A.D.) seeds are very homogenous, so too will be its offspring’s. Excellent for indoor growing and suitable for all kinds of outdoor areas. Easy harvesting and very resistant to pests and fungus.

  9. Karma Genetics Seeds presents Jamil Sayyida. This strain is endorsed as an outdoor strain which can be harvested at the conclusion of September to the start of October in Holland. The name Jamil Sayyida signifies beautiful lady in Arabic, which is what she is; she will get great violet colors. The taste and smell is spicy to flowery. She’s stronger versus the Leb#27 but nonetheless grows almost identical. Karma Genetics needs to credit friend Esben for providing them with the excellent genetics to develop this glorious outdoor strain.

  10. White Castle is actually an F1 hybrid of 2 flat out winners. Having a White Widow mother and the prize winning Ice for a papa, White Castle is as outrageous as one might expect. The sturdier, denser framework of Ice really thickens up the often lightweight and wispy White Widow buds. White Widow’s quality, durability, and social high remain extremely present in this stress. Medical subjects are very fond of White Castle for its pain-killing premises.

  11. Samsara Seeds Jekyll Passion Feminized is a powerful predominantly Sativa plant that matures very early. Samsara Seeds added the excellence of the Indica pedigree variety, the great Black Lady, and they obtained a short-flowering variety.

  12. Edelweiss (literally “noble white”) was called following the famous white flower which grows within the high Alps. Even though the heavy Indica buds and also the delicate white blooms from the mountain flower might not exactly look similar at first glimpse, they share qualities which include the star shaped leaflets surrounding the flower-tops and the thicker white coating upon those leaves. Naturally, regarding the cannabis strain, it is coating is sticky resin which also frosts the buds. For just a brief period, Edelweiss ganja could possibly be found growing throughout Switzerland, in much increased plethora than its namesake. Those tolerant days are unfortunately over, but Edelweiss cannabis endures being an indoor, feminized strain. Produced from a mix of Hindu Kush, Skunk and North Indian, it is a mostly-Indica hybrid with only enough Sativa background to improve the powerful stone.

  13. Tremendous scent and wonderful bouquet, ideal for S.C.R.O.G. cultivation. It matures just like a Sativa, without many leaves and also thin. When blooming it grows higher but maintains a tidy shape, being an Indica. Extremely quick, and ideal for all sorts of growers and growing systems. Brilliant as a mother because of the fast-rooting clones it generates. Extraordinary mental effect as well as a very pleasant physical one, considering that its high CBD and THC percentage.

  14. Mako Haze’ obtained 1st place for Best Sativa during the 2006 HighTimes Cannabis Cup Seed Company category. If you’re a Haze fan you’ll love this particular one. Real sativa growth habit, particularly long elongated limbs with dense clusters of flowers, and gooey with resin that appears similar to millions of teeny diamonds. A little lengthier with the flowering periods of the Mako Haze is more than reimbursed for by the end product. Huge yields of quality smoke should be expected. When dried out the THC crystals are extremely thick beneath a microscope it almost appears to be if they’re matted together! The smoke is smooth and lovely, with a great hazy taste, and also the high is up, up, up for a prolonged ride. In a nutshell, quite pleasant.