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cherry sauce seeds

Cherry sauce seeds

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Cherry sauce seeds

Sour cherries and poppy seeds are a traditional pairing and work really great together. Usually, you can find this combination in the form of crépes, muffins or cakes – so in most cases, they are served as dessert. Since I love to include fruits in savory dishes, I was thinking about a way of using sour cherries and poppy seeds in a more salty environment. Cherry sauce is a classic pairing for duck breasts, so I thought it might work with pigeon breasts as well. Additionally, I enhanced the plate with a few more ingredients that pair similarly well with sour cherries, which took the resulting dish into a very exciting Asian direction.

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Robert, einfach genial! Und der Clou sind die “Poppy Seed Crumbs”. Das Gericht sieht jetzt ziemlich nach einer österreichisch-ungarischen Adaption aus, nicht wahr – mit asiatischem Touch. Ich werde diese “Poppy Seed Mehlspeise” vielleicht mit Karpfenfilet probieren….
Auch ich liebe diese Combos mit Twist und Augenzwinkern, und vor allem süße und salzige Aromen zu vereinen!

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I used sweet potato both due to its sweetness and its Asian connection – since in Beijing coal baked sweet potatoes were sold on almost every corner. Instead of a baked mash, I served the sweet potato as a smooth puree flavored with lemongrass and fresh ginger. For the cherries I used freshly ground coriander seeds and Sichuan pepper, which gave the sauce an incredibly wonderful perfume. A few random drops of toasted sesame oil and some tiny Thai basil leaves gave the final touch and perfected the Asian twist.

Cherry sauce seeds

The puff pastry strudel is a classic and is always well received. We offer you a recipe for strudels with apples, poppy seeds and walnuts, but you won’t know which one is better for you until you try them.

Favorite ingredient pudding played a major role in the ‘Queen of Desserts for King of Latin Pop’ contest. This recipe was nominated for a tempting prize, tickets to a concert by King Latino pop Enrique Iglesias.

Cheese is a favorite filling for cakes, and especially for cakes. But instead of the dough drawn into the sheets, this time we roll the cheese filling into the leavened dough.

Folders with three fillings

Preparation time: 120 min

A wonderful recipe for a poppy seed cake with cherry sauce, or vanilla if you prefer. We chose it as the main cake for Easter and May 1, which are falling at the same time this year.

Juicy cake with poppy seeds and vanilla

Persons: 8 people

Savijače, as well as štruklji, are a traditional dish of northwestern Croatia. The most famous are the ones with cheese (although they are also stuffed with various other excellent fillings, of which this one is just one).