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cherry thai seeds

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Cherry Blast is an Indica-dominant strain, a cross between its famous genetics, Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. The original Thai parent strain was then crossed again with Lost Coast OG, another hybrid. It is known to have strong potency because of the complex crossing of this marijuana strain. Its THC level will reach up to 20%.

Harvest Period: Mid October

What are the Medical Benefits of Cherry Blast Fast Version Seeds?

Cherry Blast Fast Version strain also carries a couple of negative effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the common adverse effects but can be treated by drinking fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Headaches and dizziness are also discomforts.

CBD Level: Unknown

Cherry Blast Fast Version Strain Specifications

Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks

The Cherry Blaster Fast version is also very flexible in cultivation, just like in smoking. This is why breeders want to cultivate the strain because its yield is above average and very easy to cultivate, especially for the novice grower. Its flowering time will take 7-8 weeks.

Cherry thai seeds

Seedbank – Emerald Triangle
Sex – Feminized
Variety – Indica / Sativa
Strain Genetics – Thailand Cherry Thai x Afghanistan x Lost Coast OG F1
Flowering Time – 67 Days
Where to Grow – Indoor, Outdoor
Harvest Month – Early October
Taste / Flavour – Cherry, Diesel, Sour, Sweet
Effect – Relaxing, Uplifting
Plant Height – Tall
CBD Content – ?
THC Content – High
Yield – Medium / High

Cherry OG Seeds
$70 CAD (5 Pack)

Cherry OG is a cross between Thailand Cherry Thai, Afghanistan and Lost Coast OG F1. Cheery OG goes good with nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to ensure a strong green finish. You can expect dense buds oozing with resin. Known to make amazing extracts.

Buy Cherry OG Seeds in Canada

The Cherry OG strain gave me a euphoric feeling and reduced my anxiety dramatically. The pain relief from the Lost Coast OG truly stood out this strain. It eventually made me tired, so I probably wouldn’t medicate with this early in the day.

The genetics boast two strains that are incredibly flavorful. Emerald Triangle Seeds says the strain will have 3 major variations; I could identify two predominant aromas in this specific cut. The cherry was the most noticeable at first, but I soon recognized a strong diesel scent. This was likely due to the Chemdawg in the genetics of Lost Coast OG.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across a top-notch strain with Lost Coast OG in its genetics: Emerald Triangle Seeds used it when breeding their Lemon Diesel strain, which placed in the top ten at the 2010 Emerald Cup. It’s considered to be a 60/40 Indica-dominant strain. To get Lost Coast OG they crossed the offspring of (Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai) with Chemdawg #4.

Once successful, they backcrossed it with the original Cherry Thai mother to bring out the heady, uplifting high. Finally, Emerald Triangle crossed it with their Lost Coast OG in order to increase potency.

Emerald Triangle Seeds Provide A Hybrid Full Of Taste

The flowers were a dark, lush green and covered in orange hairs. They had a tight and compact bud structure that made it look like the typical OG flower. This definitely carried over in terms of its effects.

This 50/50 hybrid comes from interesting genetics. It was bred by Emerald Triangle Seeds – they’re responsible for Lemon Diesel too. This time they started by crossing Cherry Thai with some Afghani (Indica). They did this to increase the density/yield of the Cherry Thai, since it is a Sativa.

“Due to its pain-relieving qualities and reputation for potency, Lost Coast OG is one of the most sought after medicinal strains in California.”

Cherry OG Is A Quality, Flavorful Strain

When I examined this strain, the thing that caught my attention at first was the smell. Its diesel scent with cherry overtones was something unlike anything I’ve come across before. The cherry taste really stood out when I rolled it in a joint.

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