Chocolope Seeds

Chocolope Seeds
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Chocolope Info

PLANT TYPE10% Indica 90% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEIndoors or sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS16 to 23 oz per 3x3ft

Chocolope Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

This plant grows extraordinarily BIG!!! If space issues is a dilemma, you may possibly want to mull over a different strain. This sativa dominate plant will require over. It is extremely fruity then chocolate in taste.

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  1. One of our crown treasures is an enhanced plant using the greatest feature of each Indica plants it stems from and is our unique Indica blend, one of nature’s wonders. This plant serves as a delight for the Kannabia bank which develop it as well as the grower which selected it. It’s truly the creme de la creme. Its resin production is definitely marvelous and you will absolutely be astonished by its surprising THC levels. The high is incapacitating and heavy yet tolerable in case you have absolutely nothing crucial to do! From the 1st shoots you are capable to recognize the power of this plant having a huge central bud with side branches from where pointed and compact buds develop. A structure created by hundreds of internodes filled with compacted flowers even some weeks prior to the harvesting. It’s the perfect plant for your Sea of Green. You may be requiring a bit more than seven weeks to acquire the ideal results made by this variety, having a medium-high production. Its genes are tailored to the Mediterranean environment, therefore the yield is completely set at the start of September, steering clear of molds and other cultivation issues. The picture of these buds covered with a lustrous, white layer will never ever leave your mind.

  2. Reeferman Seeds presents Williams Wonder which is an indica dominating strain initially created by the Super Sativa Seed Club. It provides dense orange buds accompanied by a nice body buzz. It yields well.

  3. Here is a unique hybrid of Master Widow together with Green Thai, which includes a sweet and creamy aroma similar to the original Thai sticks. Dreamy.

  4. K2 is known as a long-time dependable Dutch commercial strain since it being a bit simpler to grow than the white strains. K2 is a fairly compact plant forming tight buds. The smoke is strong instead of too skunky. K2 adores sea of green and is a splendid choice for indoor growing in a short space. Yields can be quite promising.

  5. Genetics closely comparable to Yumbolt, It’s a strong plant resistant against pests and fungus. Smile is a wonderful producer along with a little complexity of cultivation. It is most appropriate for the outdoors. Keep smiling!

  6. Malana is a top quality `charas sativa`. This jewel has bizarre aroma and effect, in addition to its great deal of resins. A Jamaican line adjusted to the peninsula greater than 2 decades ago pollinated Malana, to produce another unique F1. Canela is yet another sweet to sativa lovers.

  7. National Health Service (NHS) by Mr Nice Seeds a Northern Lights by Haze by Skunk cross, the NHS just went global! National Health Service is another awesome cannabis seed strain from our friends at the Mr Nice Seed bank. This marijuana seed’s pedigree is made up of only cannabis cup winners and can be traced back to the beginning of the Cannabis revolution in breeding.

  8. OGiesel (Giesel X SFV OGK F5). That is certainly my voyage to push the yield up on og kush whilst incorporating some old skool skunk funk within the mix. Expect phenos from sound indica looking plants to strong hybrid looking plants coming from the sfv og kush. Most plants will remain around the smaller side of things with much less internodal spacing compared to the father sfv og kush. Anticipate an 8 week flowering time inside and out. The buds look completed at 55-60 days but wait an additional week she’s going to fill out nicely.

  9. Kannabia Special has compressed resinous buds and a powerful scent of candy qualified by the Skunk scent. Kannabia Special is definitely a special smoke in truth. A prosperous crossing between an earlier Uzbekistan and Skunk has granted this variety, mostly Indica, it’s got the greatest of each world: resinous and dense buds of extreme sweet nuanced from the Skunk scent. The plant is quite resistant and extremely homogeneous, flowers quite early.

  10. Six Shooter is an original choice from various crosses and backcrosses we did involving six various strains. All of us originated with a Super Skunk x Haze x Northern Light’s female and crossed that together with a male chosen from our own Paki x Brazilian cross. Utilizing the greatest of the batch then we proceeded to back cross this along with the male for additional vigour production and to decrease the flowering period. Ultimately, we crossed our selection with our own Royal Dutch TrainWreck to deliver for you what we now call our 6 Shooter. The outcome is an enormous yielder having a fruity flavor; skunky scent plus a deep and dark effect.

  11. Classic Swiss genetics devised for northern outdoors and greenhouse, however does well indoor as well and produces nice in southern parts also. Very hardy plant, won’t ever collapse for winds or bad weather. Very resistant against disease and molds. Multi-coloured leaves, stems and buds. Robust smell with earthy undertones, likes a great long cure. Fresh roast coffee and strawberry/blackberry pie smoke scents. Strong relaxed/creative indica with medical possibilities. Strongly suggested for cold and humid outdoor. Try taking some days with lower frost temps without having damage.

  12. This is a Pakistan variety crossbred along with a Skunk. A big favourite amongst seed collectors.

  13. Shark by Pyramid Feminized Seeds comes from the famous Super Skunk and the even more famous Northern Lights.

  14. The likelyhood here of something extraordinary are unquestionably! Right here is the same G13 Haze /male which was available around Holland a few yrs back, this is a male only situation because of just one seed cracking and it also being male. Here you’ll receive numerous varieties. While cultivating these out there were quite a few that finished in 9 weeks, but a majority of were over 10+ with one very hazy smelling plant running 12 weeks but still was cut early. She was preserved for upcoming tests. Savor this 2005 Cannabis Cup Winner for the best Sativa.

  15. Magic Bud is actually the finest combination of Sativa as well as Indica. This plant of top-notch stature makes gorgeous resin coated nugs in a remarkably brief time, around 50 days indoors. Her delightful velvet looks in the course of flowering are an enjoyment for the eye, coupled with you really ought to be vigilant that one (or your buddies) accomplish not provide into the urge to slash of a branch just before she’s totally ripened! The fortitude is going to be actually royally rewarded by having very tasty aromatic buds. It’s a delight to watch this plant increase in the garden. Because of the quite bushy growth templates, a little additional space will reveal the entire power of this plant. The yields are actually middle to high as well as by having the brief flowering time and exceptional superb she is actually the best choice for an effective crop. When cured and dried the Magic smokes effortless with a pleasant floral fragrant taste. The body unwinding consequence combined with a durable powerful high is wonderful. You will certainly seem at simplicity with everything one do.