Chronic Cannabis Mix: Good Buds Start With Great Seeds and Soil

Chronic Cannabis Mix: Good Buds Start With Great Seeds and Soil

“Gigo”… an old computer term which translates to “Garbage in, Garbage out.” While it may be an antiquated term, it still holds true for today’s modern marijuana cultivator. In order to harvest dank, tight nug’s, dripping with resin encrusted trichomes – you need great genetics from your chosen seeds, and lively nutrient rich soil with a balanced pH.

All-natural fast attack soil mix construction:

Everyone’s got their own secret formula for creating live organic soil that yields, dank chronic production…and here’s mine.

Sitdown Bud, and enjoy the style of the “Real Deal Holyfield,”… an all-natural organic soil mix guaranteed to blow the skirts off any overhyped, girlie soil mix you may be able to purchase in some earth clogging plastic bag, down at your local Home Depot.

With little effort and next to no money – in only 14 short days –your plants will be chowing down on some ‘pure fire’ micronutrients.

The needed soil amendments are easy to access, with the addition of some reverse osmosis treated water, your little beans will be germinating and sprouting before you know it. For those that don’t have an RO water treatment system at their disposal, a 50-50 mix of distilled water to bottled spring water with several drops of CaMg+ should suffice for the smaller cultivators in the group.

For additional knowledge regarding the creation of your own organic grow medium – pushing your high THC garden to new heights and potencies – check the Seedmine forms for other innovative ideas.

How to build organic all-natural fast attack soil:

  • one bag of chronic soil mix (1.5 ft.3 – black gold)
  • 2 cups of green sand
  • 1 cup of dolomite lime
  • half cup of blood meal (only recommended for indoor gardening)
  • three-quarter cup of bone meal (preferably fish)
  • 2 cups of kelp meal
  • 3 gallons of earthworm castings or compost
  • 3 gallons of perlite

Now – simply mix well.

Depending on the size of your garden – and how much soil you’re making – I find laying a large tarp out, and using that as my mixing area makes the process go much smoother. After a righteous mixing, it’s time to activate your nutrients by giving your grow medium a light spraying of molasses fortified (about 2 tablespoons per gallon) RO water. The purpose for the light dusting of water is to wake up your micronutrients and activating the life-giving forces locked within your new favorite grow medium. After turning and tending the “cooking” soil for about 14 days in your mix tarp, your soil will be ready for the big show.