Chronic Cop, Given Thumbs Up To Become Pro-Pot Lobbyists

Chronic Cop, Given Thumbs Up To Become Pro-Pot Lobbyists

The ramifications of being honest can often leave a 6 foot wake of human wreckage. Most choose to hide their second career, particularly when you’re a cop choosing to represent a pro-pot legalization organization– as a lobbyist. Fortunately for St. Louis Missouri Sgt. Gary Wiegert, – His Police chief, Sam Dotson has given him a green “thumbs up” to lobby their state representatives, in the ongoing pursuit to legalize marijuana for recreational consumption.

As marijuana prohibition is recognized as a failed and mean-spirited policy, with a firm grip around the throat of minority youths, ruining lives around the country. Retired police officers are speaking out against the very laws they were once obligated to enforce, joining the pro-sanity group LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) – while encouraging, active members of law enforcement are slightly harder to find.

After witnessing the horror of this national game of lies, hypocrisy and subjugation from the 50 yard line, in their comfortable box seats… of white suburban security. The American public and the police force which protect them, are slowly beginning to pull the blinders off, realizing how our federal Emperor wears no clothes – and suffers a low IQ.

Dotson wrote to police Sgt. Gary Wiegert on Tuesday saying his request for “secondary employment” will be allowed.

Wiegert filed a complaint earlier this year with U.S. District Court claiming the department violated his First Amendment rights to free speech for refusing to allow him to lobby on behalf of Show-Me Cannabis.

Wiegert worked for three years as a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. In February, he submitted a new application to the department. The application did not require him to state for whom he would lobby. It was approved but revoked after the department learned Wiegert was lobbying for the pro-marijuana group.

The ignorant claim not to understand it, but as the true criminals rape the young, transport and manufacture methamphetamines – stomping the life from peace-loving innocence. The true crime is easily visible to a seasoned police officer… it’s not those seeking to put a pot seed in the ground and grow a plant, rather the federal government’s prohibition against all things cannabis.