Chronic Widow Seeds

Chronic Widow Seeds
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Chronic Widow Info

PLANT TYPE65% Indica 35% Sativa
THCUp to 23%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS18 to 24 oz per 3x3ft

Chronic Widow Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Vigorous growth and connoisseur quality make this girl the talking point of many a smoker. She fully deserves, if not defines the term high grade. The fruitiness of White Widow mingles with the famous Chronic to create strong and powerful floral notes with a sweet honey aftertaste. Commonly forming one mammoth central bud, glinting with trichomes, she is as beautiful to look at as she is to smoke, making her a COTC favourite… HIGH GRADE FI EVA AH NUH BUSH WEED NEVA!!!

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  1. BC Chronic serves as a medium height plant described as dense and crystallized buds infamous for cerebral medicinal components but not disturbing one’s quality and clearness of thought. A powerful indica influence causes this a wheelchair favorite developing yields as much as 600 grams a square meter.

  2. This Chronic & White Rhino cross from Willy Jack Seeds combines the best characteristics of these two legendary cannabis strains.

  3. We used a POW (Prisoner of War) female from our friend Gruru, he used breeder Pacific’s Purple Indica Bx3 male and hit the Pacific G-13 clone with pollen. We crossed P.O.W with our 98 Aloha White Widow male. The result is some delicious buds which are incredibly easy to grow and clone, smell and taste is very fruity/funky with a heavy punch, nice night time meds. ready in 55 to 65 days.

  4. This sativa/indica combination is a mixture of true breeding Hawaiian Sativa by Afghani by Skunk. Enormous buds build on long stems spanning a 10 week flowering period. This is an outstanding producer along with a strong earthy flavor, soaring sativa head plus the thump of a wonderful indica.

  5. Reeferman Seeds presents Love Potion #1 which is an superior hybrid of Santa Marta Colombian Gold andG-13 backcrossed using the original SMCG male. Reeferman Love Potion # 1 skunky and sweet piney lemony goodness designed to blast you directly into the sativasphere rising high naturally cutting through whatever was smoked prior to. Tremendous SCROG and SOG plant.

  6. Deimos is known as a hybrid whose origins are typically indica (Northern Lights), in addition as being a work of choice of seven generations to be able to receive the options that come with a Classic in strain that auto flowers.

  7. Mama Mia is very similar to Seedsman Seeds Mazari strain, except they chose an earlier Skunk to make the cross.

  8. Two favorites encounter in this powerhouse strain: the NYCD mother mixed with a BBC father. Effect and flavor are the two points of emphasis here, with the heady citrusy Diesel flawlessly rounding off the pungent spacey Skunk sister. The Cheese reduces the traditional nine to twelve weeks generally necessary to complete the Diesel; around nine to ten weeks of flowering provides a devilish batch of buds, guaranteed to entice the taste-seekers out there.

  9. In ’06 we have polished this strain genetically to develop a much more powerful and reliable cross which will please your connoisseur heart. Satori is an remarkably simple to grow sativa. She has demonstrated remarkable hardiness against spider mites and other undesirable pests, and she offers a great measure of mold resistance. Her slender appearance makes it possible to plant in slim rows, or in SOG, to improve her common record yields much more. The solid sideshoots offer best quality cuttings. As with all our sativas she’s heat resistant – an additional benefit for small indoor conditions and hot summer time grows. The primarily sweet & fruity-spicy fragrance is an authentic gift for the senses. Satori develops a lengthy headbud with chunky flowers and doesn’t need much feeding on soil; you are able to almost do without feeding supplied you utilize quality soil and adequate pot size (approx. 2 gallon pots for adult plants under 250-600W lamps). Hold EC levels low in hydroponics for optimum results. All Mandala strains are exceptionally productive in nutrient uptake because of their hybrid vigor and demand only low EC levels/feeding to produce massive stem, leaf and bud structure. Satori is a high yielding, strong plant having an extraordinary sativa high. The heavy buds are really simple to manicure, and also from the resinous bud leaves you can develop ideal grade hash, equivalent in quality to the famed Nepalese temple balls.

  10. Magus Genetics are the former owner of the infamous Exile cannabis seed strain. However Exile feminized marijuana seeds, which are compose of 50% Warlock, 25% Northern Lights & 25% White Widow has now been taken over and put into production by the infamous Serious Seeds, meaning Exile feminized Seeds are sure to prove popular amongst souvenir marijuana seed collectors the word over.

  11. Can there be anything at all better than a happy accident? This top quality cannabis seed strain was created during a round of experimenting at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory, in which the taste of Lavender (Soma Seeds) had been spliced along with Bubblegum to create the this immense seed. Melon Gum is fast flowering beauty which could develop in a range of colours which includes black, red and blue. It is extremely strong in each and every regard and is a favorite choice for individuals aiming to have a good time with friends. If you wish to encounter Melon Gum’s intense aromas of sweet lemon, mixed berries as well as melon, put these fantastic seeds into your basket right now and sit next to the front door. Get this huge flavoured beauty right now!

  12. DNA Genetics Sixty Day Wonder is William’s Wonder mixed to a ruderalis strain, back crossed a few times, and today DNA Genetics are prepared to release among the finest new auto-flowering cannabis seed strains in the marketplace.

  13. A new Paradise strain on our menu from amazing ancestors, going back to the 90’s.

  14. Next Generation Seeds presents Grapegod. It is a exclusive large production Indica strain which may mean they generate plenty of seeds for collectors to collect. The Next Generation breeders have already been concentrating on this Grapegod for over ten years.