Cig’s and Pot: Kick That Butt Now!

Cig’s and Pot: Kick That Butt Now!

Big tobacco and the fangs of addiction: emphysema, COPD and other classless ways to die. Weed heals, while tobacco kills – yet for some, the two go hand-in-hand.

Saturated by the media – Joe Camel, the Marlboro Man and all of the cronies of corporate death, imply that smoking cigarettes are cool. So, for the ‘average’ elder statesman Stoner; those who got their degree in “higher education” during the 60s and 70s. It’s not that out of the norm to find a good percentage who enjoy hitting on a good joint, also enjoy sparking up a cigarette afterwards. Unfortunately for some… they crave the idea of sucking on a stinky Marlboro man butt – right after getting high. [Ew!  How anyone could desire the flavor of a cigarette after Smoking some of the best Weed on the planet, is beyond my comprehension.] While there’s been only circumstantial evidence regarding this sick little factoid, recently, a new study – courtesy of our not so forthcoming federal government – has produced some unsettling results for those pot smokers among us who find themselves addicted to nicotine.

As reported earlier this year by the national Institute on drug abuse, sets of two lab rats were sacrificed for a nicotine / THC study. One set of soon to be irie rats was exposed to THC, while the other rats remained stone cold sober, while receiving a placebo for three days. Seven stoned days later, both groups of newly addicted rats were taught to self-administer nicotine. To the researchers surprise they observed that the THC treated vermin not only gave themselves ‘the spike’ – an intravenous nicotine fix – sooner and more habitually, but they also “work harder” to score the poisonous alkaloids that millions of Americans buy on a daily basis, as a legal over-the-counter substance.

Far more disturbing, cig’s also were found to compromise the many healing attributes of cannabis. A 2009 University of British Columbia study concluded that individuals who smoke both weed and cigarettes have a seriously inflated risk of developing debilitating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The shiny piece of information that arose from this same study – should offer some peace of mind for the pot smoker who stains from cigarettes. As they Found no higher COPD risk for people who smoke just pot.

Good to know…