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cirrus seeds

Cirrus seeds

84 – 91 days. Cirrus Dusty Miller seeds grow a vigorous Mediterranean favorite ideal for many moderate to dry gardens across the country. Cirrus seeds boast one of the most tolerant, resilient, yet decorative perennials with their tidy 8 – 10” silvery leaves widely considered the most silver of all Dusty Miller varieties. Cirrus Dusty Miller is just as popular to show off outdoors as it is to keep indoors in a favorite decorative container. Cirrus Dusty Miller is easy to grow from seed and guarantees a unique and stunning ground cover for many residential and commercial spaces. 500 pelleted seeds.

Growing Cirrus Dusty Miller Garden Seeds

Cirrus Dusty Miller seeds can be sown directly after the frost, but are best recommended to begin indoors 12 – 16 weeks prior. Dusty Miller is a popular ornamental variety both indoors and out, but plant requires full sun to maintain luminous color. Plant 3 – 4 Cirrus Dusty Miller seeds ¼” deep and 10” apart in average, evenly moist, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Tolerant to heat, drought, and poor soil with few known diseases or problems. Do not overwater since plants are known to be susceptible to rust. Dusty Miller has no serious pests. Plant at south end of garden because plant is a dwarfed variety and may be cast in shadow. Cirrus Dusty Miller seeds mature in 84 – 91 days as 8 – 10” compact shrubs with an 8 – 10” spread of silvery bluish green leaves.

Senecio cineraria, or more commonly known as Dusty Miller, is native to the Mediterranean region, specifically the rocky cliffs and mountainsides of northern Africa’s Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, but has been naturalized throughout much of the world. The common name “Dusty Miller” has been confusing for many home gardeners because Senecio cineraria shares the name with Jacobaea maritima and Lychnis coronaria.

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Other Names – Silver Ragwort, Dusty Miller…

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To help with moisture retention and fertility add a good amount of well rotted manure or compost to the soil. If the soil is a heavy clay add some gritty sand to help with drainage. Remove weeds from the area.

Sowing Guide

Cineraria dislike waterlogged conditions as this can lead to rotting. Avoid overwatering.

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