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citrus rush seeds

Citrus rush seeds

The harvest is ready after about 70-75 days of flowering, with a yield of 300-400g per m2, producing fleshy flowers completely covered with trichomes. It is an ideal variety to make generous and aromatic cannabis concentrates.

Citrus Rush is a variety born from the collaboration between Archive Seed Bank and Orgnkid. This variety has an intense and complex fruity flavour, it is very resinous and offers a harvests with exceptional characteristics. It is now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

On the one hand, we encounter in this genetic cocktail a Skunk Tangerine phenotype, a Tangie x Lemon Skunk hybrid selected by OrgnKid due its intense fruity aroma and famous in the cannabis breeding world for its Ghost OG clone. In order to soften the terpenes profile, it was then crossed with Do Si Dos, adding its sweet and floral flavours to Skunk Tangerine while maintaining its maximum resin level.

Citrus Rush offers an ocean of acidic resin

Its delivers an intense aroma, so it is recommended to use carbon filters when it is cultivated indoors. Its flavours and aromas combine strawberry and tangerine sweeties with sweet, floral and pastry touches.

Citrus Rush produces vigorous plants that adapt well to different cultivation techniques, adapting well to pruning and trellising in order to control their vegetative vigour and maximise flower production.

Citrus Rush produces a balanced effect, initially stimulating and euphoric and then gradually more relaxing and quiet.

Archive Seed Bank Citrus Rush harvest

Citrus rush seeds

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