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club 69 seeds

Club 69 seeds

Club 69 provides patients with a variety of therapeutic benefits. The most notable of which is stress relief. It delivers a soothing euphoria that calms the raging emotions and overwhelming dread that chronic stress brings. At the same time, its anxiolytic effects are a source of comfort to patients dealing with anxiety and PTSD.

One of the best times to use the strain is right before a meal. After all, the gentle head high still has the potential to invigorate the appetite. Having food nearby is usually a great idea since, once the Indica effects settles, it will become difficult to move around. Otherwise, one will have to wade through the body high feeling hungry.

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Adverse Reactions

Its best use, however, is managing symptoms of depression. It not only enhances the mood but also replaces self-depreciating thoughts with positive reinforcement. As a result, a subtle boost of confidence and an overall upbeat disposition can be observed. However, one should remember that relief is only temporary. To address the problem better, users should consult with a health profession and develop a long-term wellness plan.

Its natural propensity for cool weather means it fairs well in the northern hemisphere. It still needs to be protected against harsh weather such as heavy rains and early winters though. Otherwise, its branches will break and it may die overnight. Monitoring the weather and preparing a temporary enclosing will protect the plant. Harvest usually comes around late September to mid-October with each plant yielding 550 to 600 grams of buds.


Indoor flowering usually lasts between 7 to 9 weeks and produces at least 450 to 550 grams of buds per square meter. It is possible to increase yields by manipulating the plant through growing techniques. In fact, Club 69 is a great candidate for the Sea of Green method which takes advantage of its naturally short stature.

Club 69 is not a beginner’s strain. It is powerful, intense, and highly potent. With a few puffs, it can either knock users out immediately or lock one to the couch stuck with a creeping paranoia. But, when used under the guidance of a seasoned friend, it is a pleasant experience.

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