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Club Riot Seeds is a seed bank that was created by CLUB RIOT to share all types of cannabis strains crossed in the Club. We carefully select the most productive strains of cannabis in the hope of creating new top strains of the Club. Most of the seeds that this company produces are autoflowering strains and the main activity is to create the best autoflowering strains.

3 thoughts on “Club Riot Seeds Review”

  1. Danky Doodle is a plant that everyone enjoys. Composed of Big Buds ’93 x Vicking ’90 x KC 636 male. Enormous size Buds. Nice and also very delicious!

  2. The G-force, also referred to as the G, is definitely an elite clone located in the underground network of UK. Seeing its overwhelming strength and power, it’s a favorite for growers and smokers nowadays. Big Buddha’s G-bomb preserves the outstanding qualities from the G-force… it is a true Indica plant, a true hard-hitting resin producer. Strongly suggested for novice and expert growers; she’s going to reward you along with a pungent, exclusive, medicinal, top notch smoke plus an impressive knock-out stoned high… a massive big hitter!

  3. An exceptionally sweet smell, extremely fresh skunk, exactly like the best northern California flowers. Very earthy, fruity, very fast flowering plant. Once dialed in, cash croppers might gain a high yield and outstanding to vaporize. Will be the nearest ch9 strain of the Max 49 from Ed Rosenthal. Very uplifting and a complex aroma, very fresh with a cerebral high. Perfect for closet and also homebox garden. Could very well be grown indoors & in.