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cob led grow light for weed

Cob led grow light for weed

LED grow lights need to be used properly to get the results, but if you know what to expect they pay you back with built-in cooling that allows a grower to hang their lights directly over their plants without worrying about fans, ducting or ballasts. They are easy on the electricity bill and don’t cause a lot of heat problems.

Some LED grow lights have a single COB LED. Multiple units can be spread out as needed.

In addition to discolored leaves, too much light can also “bleach” the tops of buds

Introduction – LEDs on average yield 0.5 to 1g/watt (of actual power draw

LEDs vs Other Popular Cannabis Grow Lights

ES300 found on Amazon (sometimes) or order directly The Green Sunshine Company website

Average Yields: 9-14+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields.

Generally, your goal with LED panels should be 50-60 watts per square foot of grow space to get the best results.

Introduction: Are LEDs a Good Choice for Growing Cannabis?


How Far to Keep from Plants: 36” away in vegetative stage, 18″ away in flowering

Cob led grow light for weed

This contrasts with a surface mounted diode (SMD) technology. SMD is how standard LED grow lights are built.

How Does A COB LED Work?

Single diodes are mounted individually to a surface. They can be fairly close together, but not nearly as close as the tiny diodes that make up a COB. As a result, SMD LEDs each function as a single point of light.

COB Vs SMD LED For Growing

These are the biggest advantages of COB LEDs for growing:

Cob led grow light for weed

These reviews explain why the grow lights got their ratings and will also help you decide which of these fixtures is best for your needs.

As for Amare, they are basically the same as Optic (Chinese-made lights rebranded), but more expensive.

Best COB LED Grow Lights: Brief Reviews

On top of that, their customer service has also been pretty bad. Not quite as bad as most Chinese companies, but up until recently, Optic was just one guy. He has since hired some customer service help, so perhaps their service will improve, but it is essentially still just a company of one

My top pick, the Phlizon COB Series of grow lights (read more below) are basically exactly the same as the Optic LED grow light fixtures. With one major difference.

What Makes COB LEDs Better?

That makes their lights a bit more of a risk, but if you are looking to spend a little less, they are a great choice. That is why they are rated only slightly behind the Phlizon COB LED grow light, which is probably the best deal on the market today.