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commercial marijuana growing license oregon

Looking to apply for a license? Click one of the hyperlinks below to get a checklist for your application type. These lists will guide you through everything you need before submitting your application!

Application Forms

Portland City Code (PCC) 14B.130: Portland’s Marijuana Policy Program is guided by PCC 14B.130, and changes can ONLY be made in a vote from Portland City Council; our program cannot change this on our own. Read city code here.

License Renewal Applications

Map Showing Medical Dispensaries, Marijuana Retailers, and K-12 Schools: Portland City Code 14B.130 requires Medical Dispensaries and Marijuana Retailers to be at least 1,000 feet from K-12 schools. The map ONLY shows locations for which the Cannabis Program has received an application for a Medical Dispensary or Marijuana Retailer, as well as K-12 schools. This map is NOT updated in real time. There may be schools, Medical Dispensaries or Marijuana Retailers that are licensed or whose applications are under review that are not shown on this map. Applicants CANNOT and SHOULD NOT rely on this map for verification that a Medical Dispensary or Marijuana Retailer location is further than 1,000 feet from a school. You can access the map here.

According to the OLCC, this temporary freeze was implemented to help “ensure that the OLCC is fulfilling its regulatory duties and providing timely responses to businesses in the industry.” Essentially, the OLCC argues that their resources are spread thin enough as it is. There are nearly 2,000 cannabis licensees (including more than 1,000 licensed producers). As a result, the OLCC claims it has its hands full.

This license gives an entity the ability to grow and cultivate cannabis. The cured and finished cannabis flower is sold to a retailer or to a processor. After that, a retailer sells product directly to the consumer and processors create concentrates, topicals, edibles, tinctures, etc.

Can I still get an Oregon cannabis Producer License?

While that may be true, there are also signs that the state market is oversaturated with growers and processors . If growers and processors can’t sell their crop due to an overcrowded legal market, licensees may start diverting product to the black market to stay afloat. Avoiding this type of scenario gives lawmakers a solid talking point if they decide to cap licenses.

Oregon rules state that these licenses are non-transferable. A person cannot simply purchase a cannabis license. All license holders must go through the lengthy and intense application process. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What is an Oregon Producer License?

Firstly, the application process starts with a non-refundable $250 application fee. Secondly, using this form you will have to submit a laundry list of supporting documentation as well, including:

Because marijuana is legal for both medical and adult-use in Oregon there are no requirements to recreationally grow cannabis for yourself at home, staying within the laws.

Recreational growing is allowed for adults over the age of 21. However, there are strict laws and requirements to follow to grow cannabis legally. A person can either be a designated grower for a patient or grow in their own home on private property.

Grow Requirements

If you are growing cannabis recreationally then you won’t need to obtain a marijuana grow license. It is legal to grow cannabis in your own home; however, you must receive permission from the landlord if you are a renter. It is important to keep all plants out of the view of the public eye. If you are 21 or older you can grow up to four plants per household. If you are caught growing more than 4 plants the consequences can include prison and a fine up to $125,000. Keep in mind distance from schools and religious institutions if and when growing cannabis.

Medical Growing

To obtain a medical marijuana grow license in Oregon, a patient or caregiver must provide the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)[efn_note]Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, 2020[/efn_note] the name and address of the grower. Once approved by the state a patient or caregiver can grow 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants. Curious about plant limitations? Read Oregon’s Plant Limits Chart[efn_note]Oregeon Health Authority, OMMP Plant Limits, 2020[/efn_note]. If you are growing cannabis for a patient in the state of Oregon and are a renter, you must still be approved through your landlord as well. A grower must be 21 or older and cannot grow for more than 8 patients at a time. To better understand your limits as a patient or caregiver read Oregon’s Reporting and Tracking Requirements[efn_note]Oregon Health Authority, Reporting and Tracking Requirements for Medical Marijuana Growers, 2020[/efn_note].