Continued Education For Doctors On Medical Marijuana Benefits

Continued Education For Doctors On Medical Marijuana Benefits

The ever-increasing popularity of medical marijuana has resulted in structural as well as professional approach to the study of the benefits of using the same. Medical practitioners, worldwide are focusing more on the advantages of marijuana rather than its ill effects. The legalization of weed use in 18 states has nevertheless increased the need for experienced and well-informed weed doctors.

Websites like has made this task of gaining more and most recent knowledge on medical marijuana a walk in the park. Sites like contain invaluable information and updates regarding areas such as opioid prescribing, palliative care, pain medicines, anesthesiology, risk and crisis management, clinical statistics, preoperative and hospital medicine, medical marijuana benefits etc. Medical professionals have the option of visiting such sites on a daily basis to the effect of gaining latest medical knowledge as well as continuing medical education (CME) credit.

Stephen B. Corn, Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of TheAnswerPage says, “Medical marijuana may be controversial, but it is an important area of study in healthcare. Doctors and healthcare professionals must understand the medical, legal, social and political issues to best respond to their patients’ questions and attend to their needs”. Corn, who is an award-winning inventor, is also a clinician who holds a MD in medicine.

The educational content on the site is claimed to be accredited by the Massachusetts Medical Society. A resident physician at N.Y.U. Medical Center, Sunil K. Aggarwal, MD, PhD, who also happens to be a cannabis expert opines, “Most medical schools are lagging in teaching the scientific facts about the medicinal use of cannabis. It’s great that doctors can now get excellent and rapid CME training on medical marijuana at The Answer Page”. features exclusive lecture series on medical marijuana, aimed at the aspiring weed doctors. The lecture series starts with a brief introduction to the cannabis plant and progressively moves on to some of the most studied cannabinoids and further explanation on the endocannabinoid system. Up to date knowledge on the medical and legal issues involved in medical marijuana use, which includes necessary details on state and federal marijuana laws, is incorporated as part of the series. The week-by-week lesson plan of the lecture series addresses the FDA drug approval process, information on pre-clinical trials, phase I, II and III trials etc in the subsequent weeks.

The site content developed by reputed academic clinicians and referenced from most recent literature, is aimed at reinforcing the knowledge of healthcare professionals and researchers around the world.