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cookie dough seeds

We decided to take Do-si-dos and back cross it with one of its parents the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. This resulted in a heavily indica dominant strain producing THC levels of 25% and upwards. The back cross was an idea to stabilise the already supreme genetics for use in seeds. Expect this strain to give you all the great taste and smell of both its parents with even stronger effects. This smoke provides a powerful, happy and euphoric high. Certainly one you will want to smoke all the time thanks to the great taste and hard hitting high but be careful to avoid the couch lock that may come with it! Expect to see dark green buds with hints of purple and plenty of resin covering the nice dense buds.

Cookie dough seeds

78% Indica / 22% Sativa

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Armon Zieman – May 20, 2016 :

Emperor Cookie Dough Chronic Pain Holy Grail

Chris Hoiland – October 25, 2016 :