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cookies and chem seeds

Cookies and chem seeds

Possibly Greenpoint Seeds most famous strain. Wildly colorful and deadly potent with phenos testing 30%+ THC.

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Cookies n Chem Lineage / Genealogy

In the early 2010’s an auction was won by Exotic that brought in $6,000.00 for a pack of Alien Genetics Starfighter. Ex crossed a starfighter male to a Girl Scout Cookies clone and what resulted was Cookies N Cream, a strain that won Ex a cup in 2014.

Medical Values

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Cookies and chem seeds

A well-cultivated and cured batch will produce crystal clear trichome rich buds with hues of green and gold with patches of burnt orange pistils.

What does Cookies N Chem smell like?

Fans of Cookie N Chem have reported that upon consumption, they felt an instantaneous onset of euphoria, followed by complete body relaxation. They suggest this strain is better for the end of ones day or in the evening due to sedation or couch-lock that may set in.

The scent of the Cookies N Chem strain will contain notes of sweet cookie dough, citrus, and lemon cleaner.

Genetic Lineage

What does Cookies N Chem taste like?

Cookies N Chem resulted from a cross of the 3 famous strains GSC, Starfighter and Stardawg. This Indica-dominant strain boasts THC levels of 30% or higher. A well-cultivated and cured batch will produce crystal clear trichome rich buds with an extremely potent aroma that will linger in the room. The scent and flavor will remind you of sweet cookie dough with a harsh citrus cleaner accent.

What color does Cookies N Chem have?

Lab Data

Is Cookies N Chem an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

The Cookies N Chem strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is known to produce high THC levels. Cookies and Chem THC levels can reach up to 30%, so check your batch levels before fashioning a serving for yourself.