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craigslist marijuana seeds

Craigslist marijuana seeds

People like growing their own cannabis plants for a lot of reasons. It might mean a more reliable supply or you could just enjoy being a grower. Something every grower needs, whether expert or beginner, is a reliable source of good weed seeds.

Best Options Marijuana Seeds Online On The Market in (January. 2022)

A smaller seed bank, Quebec Cannabis seeds sometimes runs out of some of their more popular strains. Like most other seed banks, they offer auto flowers seeds, feminized seeds, and mixed packs. Their primary selling point is the good reviews left by happy customers.

Germination guarantee

Even as the public will for legalization is growing, views on cannabis are still colored by its criminal past. We’ve all gotten in the habit of hiding our weed. The more discreet option of buying online has become very popular as a result.

Craigslist marijuana seeds

Is it a dumb idea to buy seeds off craigslist, since I'm in a legal state (CA)?

Yea I'd be more worried that your buying mexi schwag seeds pawned off as legit DNA

Dispensaries around here charge $8-$10 per seed, ($13 per clone), but there is some guy on CL offering "over 100 types of seeds" for $1-$2 per seed (depending on quantity). (I can post a link, if necessary — not trying to be advertising for it.)

By nature, potent seeds sell for a higher price.

Rocket Seeds not only sells some of the best quality marijuana seeds from banks and breeders all over the world, but it also sells seeds from other banks like Beaver, Sunwest, and Crop King Seeds.

For example, bad genes can lead your plant to produce poor yields.

Weed Seed Growing Tips

If you’ve ever lamented about price, the availability of good marijuana, and other existential questions—and presumably while very high—consider growing your own THC/CBD plants.

Autoflowering refers to special cannabis seeds that grow quickly—only requiring two to four weeks for flowering and no particular lighting schedule for aging.

4. SunWestGenetics — Best for high CBD cannabis seeds

For example, a strain might be 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa. But what’s the difference between the two anyway?

Most of the time, you’ll be using female plants to grow your own weed; you can read more on this here.