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cream caramel seeds

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Cream Caramel is what is known as a synthetic variety. This term describes strains that are a synthesis of three or more strains and which display hybrid vigour whilst simultaneously producing highly homogenous offspring. Cream Caramel is a cross of BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino. Winner of 23 assorted cannabis cup competitions!

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Cream caramel seeds

For outdoor growing, it’s an all-terrain plant, growing very fast and out of control – many growers prefer to plant it one month later to make sure it won’t grow excessively (up to 900g/strain when abundant sun and good nutrition); ready to be cropped by mid October.

Cream Caramel should be cropped in places without excessive humidity – no fungi problems.

Cream Caramel of Sweet Seeds comes from Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino; this sensational genetic cross has overrun Spanish and foreign cannabis cups thanks to its abundant resin and huge central truncheon (undoubtedly, this last characteristic comes from its ancestor White Rhino).


Cream Caramel’s aroma and flavor are very sweet and earthy at the same time – very balanced outstanding combination.

Cream Caramel’s a very productive little-care strong plant, ideal for all those beginner growers willing to smoke quality weed – this strain produces an awesome central truncheon and some very heavy side tails too; with very vigorous growth and buds full of resin, Cream Caramel becomes a real good choice.


But it’s not necessary to talk about renowned ancestors because the name Cream Caramel itself has shaped its own reputation with top prizes and crops since put on the market in 2007 – mythical indica genetics for every respectful grower to be planted at least once in their lifetime.

For indoor growing, Cream Caramel’s ready to be cropped in about nine weeks (up to 500g/sq m), and it’s a good producer, with buds full of trichomes; due to its fast growth, it tends to stretch too much – growth weeks should be reduced, or SCROG/SOG systems should be applied. Scarce/excessive magnesium should be taken into account – it’s kind of problematic with this macro-mineral.