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cream seeds

Escalated sebum fabrication is seen with an unattractive look and adds to the growth of acne. We aimed to investigate the efficacy and safety of 3% Cannabis seeds extract cream on human cheek skin sebum and erythema content. For this purpose, base plus 3% Cannabis seeds extract and base (control) were prepared for single blinded and comparative study. Healthy males were instructed to apply the base plus 3% Cannabis seeds extract and base twice a day to their cheeks for 12 weeks. Adverse events were observed to determine skin irritation. Measurements for sebum and erythema content were recorded at baseline, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th week in a control room with Sebumeter and Mexameter. Base plus 3% Cannabis seeds extract was found to be safe in volunteers. Measurements demonstrated that skin sebum and erythema content of base plus 3% Cannabis seeds extract treated side showed significant decrease (p<0.05) compared with base treated side. Base plus 3% Cannabis seeds extract showed safety. It was well tolerated for the reduction of skin sebum and erythema content. Its improved efficacy could be suggested for treatment of acne vulgaris, seborrhea, papules and pustules to get attractive facial appearance.

Cream seeds

These big plants will grow in almost any soil, but getting the cob to mature is another matter. The maturity of the ears (cobs) is not controlled by the size of the plant, nor by day-length, but by the accumulated heat the plant was exposed to as it grew. This measurement is known as “heat units.” Corn plants generally grow very tall, and may shade other vegetables, so plan carefully. Some vegetables, such as lettuce, may benefit from this shade, but heat-loving plants must be placed so that the corn does not shade them. This heavy-feeding plant also provides a stalk for plants such as pole beans.

Quick Facts:

An old time favorite normal sugary bicolour, this classic still holds its own with good emergence and an heirloom flavour. A good choice for the home garden or roadside stand. Honey and Cream corn seeds boast intermediate to moderate resistance to Common Rust and Northern Corn Leaf Blight. Plants grow to 226cm (89″) tall. Ears average 18cm (7″) in length, with twelve rows of kernels. This hybrid sweet corn stays sweet for a relatively short time after harvest, but man, is it tasty when picked and cooked fresh! Be sure that the soil temperature is above 15°C (60°F) before planting this untreated corn seed.

Diseases & Pests
Disease: Prevent disease and nutritional exhaustion of the soil by using 4-year crop rotation and composting old stalks.

Cream seeds

Cream Seed Pop-Ups
Utilising a buoyancy aid that’s not normally used within the bait industry due to its higher cost, we have managed to incorporate the same nutritional and attractive groups of ingredients that make the Cream Seed range so effective without compromising on buoyancy. Super buoyant, needle friendly Pop-Ups that will stay popped up indefinitely.

Available in 200ml tubs – 14mm/18mm

Cream Seed Boilies
Ingredients deliberately sourced to provide a broad array of nutritional and attractive properties. Incorporating a blend of refined milk proteins, an exclusive combination of milled seeds and pulses and a host of diverse nut derivatives. All balanced to ensure it offers a complete food source all year round.

Available in 1kg resealable bags

Cream Seed Stickmix
This highly soluble, quick breakdown stickmix, contains the exclusive Cream Seed nutritional and attractive ingredients. PVA friendly and ready to use straight from the bag. Due to the complex array of ingredients used, the mix is slightly moist and can be tightly compressed, yet still break down within moments of being submerged.

Cream Seed Wafters
Providing an uncomplicated method for critically balancing your rig, these have been carefully calculated to remove the weight of the hook, simplifying the way to create the perfect balanced presentation. Including the same fundamental groups of nutritional and attractive ingredients that make the Cream Seed range so effective.

Cream Seed Liquid Food
Manufactured entirely from natural nutritious liquids, soluble sweeteners and our exclusive milk taste-enhancer, this completely PVA friendly liquid boasts an endless list of applications. It can be used in all conditions and due to the dense, soluble ingredients it will ‘hug’ the bottom, releasing a stream of attraction.