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Critical Mass Info

PLANT TYPE65% Indica 35% Sativa
THCUp to 22%
CBD5–12% CBD
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Critical Mass Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Very nice plant metabolism and structure, very frosty and dense buds, with a sharp flavor, we used our jack33 to feminise it, dominant traits will be leaning towards the Critical mass. A re-worked outstanding version of an old breed once referred to as Big Bud. It is a total must for the cultivator which calls for a high yield along with an equally higher stone. It’s the heaviest plant presently being produced for commercial farmers and outdoor crops, similar to the male genital protrusion of a giant donkey. Because of its heavy flower construction it could be vunerable to mold if the growing location is too high with humidity. Thus be cautioned, harvest on time!!! It features a genetic pedigree coming from a specifically heavy Afghani together with the original Skunk#1. An anticipated yield indoors could well be reasonable at around 650-750 grams per square meter… perhaps more for the skilled cultivators? Should you grow outdoors then be prepared to harvest within September for the northern hemisphere and also by March for anybody within the southern hemisphere. Breed through the original breeder and founder of the original Seed Bank.

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  1. The genetics of Advanced Seeds Critical are a mix of Critical Mass x Brazilian x South Indian. These seeds are Feminized and are a mostly indica strain.

  2. Grows like a Sativa, flowers like an Indica. Big yielder, like it’s origins. Pay attention to supporting the plant during the final stage of flowering, use sticks to prevent branches from breaking. A rich honey sweetness with deep and strong complex aromas.

  3. The Critical is carefully picked using a wide array of individuals by their fast maturation and production. We became great friends because it’s a plant that wouldn’t stop surprising us with its blend of phenotypes Indica/Sativa and its broad flavor of watermenlon or candy flavours. Taste: Candy, Exotic fruits. Aroma: Candies, mild fragrance. Result: Cerebral, powerful, active.

  4. Delicious Feminized Seeds presents Critical Jack Herer which is yet another super sativa with a haze like the genial Jack Herer.

  5. Critical Kali Mist was extracted from the inversion of feminine plants like Kali Mist & Shantibabas Critical, giving sativa plants tailored to indoors along with a natural Kali taste but shortening its flowering period considerably.

  6. If you’re scouting for the most desirable sativa of all times we’re probably referring to Neville’s Haze. It provides a great energizing sativa effect as an outcome of its large amount onTHC, having an incredible smell and profound flavor, metallic and unique. With this hybrid our breeders were able to make among the finest sativa dominant strains in the earth, shortening and enhancing the flowering period using its already delicious Nevilles Haze taste.

  7. Feminized Critical Sensi Star by way of Delicious Seeds is known as a hybrid dominating Indica variety.

  8. Super Silver Haze is a fantastic quick blooming Sativa, It retains its energetic effect boosting its production once we cross it with Critical. You’re going to enjoy its sativa effect, however with the advantage of a production and flowering time period just like a super Indica like Critical is. Its taste is elaborate in it you are able to notice musky and incense flavors.

  9. Yumbolt may very well be among the most perfumed plants on the planet. Great deal of combined blends that reminds belonging to the pleasant perfumes of tropical fruits with the best Californian varieties.

  10. Picked by a recognized cultivator of Bilbo, it’s a winning plant in the HighLife Cup in Barcelona. Feminized Critical + from Dinafem Seeds Seeds.

  11. The Critical is becoming more reputable and the variety cultivated in the past 24 months in Spain, the revolution within the culture that marked the appearance of the Skunk America 1st, and the Netherlands afterwards regarding Spain has reached two decades later, however with another name, Critical.

  12. Among the most legendary Spanish genetics is currently available from Green House Seed Company. It’s a Skunk x Big Bud x White Widow, that flowers in 2 months. Production as much as 800 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors it finishes towards the end of September, with unbelievable production.

  13. Critical Haze Seeds from the Mr Nice Seedbank this marijuana strain was expected to be fantastic and it didn’t fail. A cross between the world famous, or should that be infamous, Critical Mass and Afghan Haze, Mr Nice sensi seeds are bred with the intention of obtaining only the finest seeds. The cannabis seed known as Critical Mass has won almost all awards possible over the years in many countries not to mention its phenotypes have always, without failure, satisfied more collectors worldwide than any other plant produced. This marijuana seed strain will bring a lot of collectors to their knees as genetically the fruitiness of the Critical Mass will compliment the Afghan Haze male and create one of the best blends of distinctive features If you get a chance to try something new then Critical Haze will be highly recommended from us all at MNS. This will be a plant all of the commercial Haze collectors will be scrambling for as well as anyone who just loves Haze flavored flowers. Since both parents are being used well in the medical patients/growers world, already the combination will make this a plant a phenomena.

  14. Royal Queen Seeds Critical feminized is another unique marijuana strain from Royal Queen Seeds industry. She is a renowned version of a Big Bud which has been crossed with an old good Skunk. The success has been appreciated – Critical won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona.

  15. Haze x Five-O. Exotic taste and sweet smell, good yield, great quality. Expect variation, so select and clone for production.

  16. First Prize Winner (2005) Cannabis Cup Champions Second Prize Winner (2006) Girona Verda Revolta Second Prize Winner Copa Catalunya (2007) Guild Grow ShopsEva Feminized Missing is a combination involving Blueberry making father, and our High Level acquiring the job of mother. The outcome has become spectacular: a plant with the exact same structure to the parent, stem solid , with huge heart and somewhat hard, with amazing quantity of bright and gluey resin, and a strong effect mainly sativa of the mother, but with details indices the father, in a nutshell, a really well compensated, it’s quite festive. Its taste is exquisitely fruity having a touch between peach and orange, very extraordinary. Equally a delight for your palate, as well as the remaining senses.

  17. Haze Mist was created from Original Haze to be able to give density and weight for the running floral clusters. Amsterdam Mist boosts further by enhancing the resin production and reducing flowering time by means of breeding with Northern Lights. Sativas from South India and also South East Asia unite with the legendary Afghani Indica for a dazzling cannabis hybrid. Fat, twisted calyxes glimmer with resin crystals and mass into enormous, aromatic tops. Now you’re ready to get pleasantly lost within the mists of Amsterdam from the convenience of your house!

  18. A genuine Sativa diva! The harmony involving the sweetness and potency of the Kerala along with the spicyness and ascending cerebral high of the Original Haze are flawlessly expressed within this almost pure Sativa cross. For patient Haze enthusiasts only, an extremely special cross which should reward the cultivator with a product that is unrivaled in recent history. Excellent yield for an almost genuine Sativa. South Indian is among the main building blocks which was utilized to produce the Original Haze during the 70’s.

  19. A pure sativa, really strong high. In appearance similar to South-East Asian strains of the 1970’s. Kamamist have fluffy buds so not so much weight. For commercial use, it’s not too interesting, however for your personal stash, it’s a good one to have. It has an invigorating effect that you just can’t get to sleep! Extremely sativa buzz.

  20. Original Misty is one fine Sexy Lady. A completely amazing plant misted throughout with protruding THC glands. Doc John’s treasured: “Misty has consistently been my top producer with regards to yield, merged with award winning quality, gourmet flavor and a sweet smell. This plant has just about everything one needs. Watch out for bland imitations.

  21. Nirvana Seeds took their famous Misty and crossed it using a super Early Skunk. Early Misty is Nirvana Seeds most powerful outdoor variety. Early Misty stays low and features wide leaves. This cannabis variety withstands low temperatures and is particularly very pest resistant. Some plants provide almost a coffee aroma any time cured properly.