Crockett Family Farms Review

Crockett Family Farms Review

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Originally hailing from California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Dave Crockett is a third generation pot farmer with a talent for developing deliciously fruity phenotypes—most notably, his best-selling Strawberry Banana, and his citrusy breakout strain Tangie, which early on earned him the nickname “Tangie Man.”

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  1. Edelwuiss from Swiss 2000 x Brasils finest 2001 from Salvador da Bahia x Kc606.

  2. Awards: 1st place Seeds HTCC (1998). Almost genuine Haze Strong and psychoactive, really introspective and spiritual. Features a stimulative high. Indoors 12-14 weeks having a yield as much as 700 gr/sqm. Outdoor ready in November within the Northern hemisphere, in July within the Southern one. Yield as much as 1200 gr/plant. Extra tall sativa, extremely technical plant. A necessity for that experienced grower, a delight for the sativa connoisseur.

  3. A ruderalis/indica marijuana strain, Royal Creamatic has a hard-hitting physical effect. Growers can expect a plant with a main central cola that is fat with budding sites. Smaller buds will develop on the side branches. Although not the biggest automatic strain in its range Royal Creamatic can still deliver when treated with loving care and kindness.