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Crystal Seeds
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Crystal Seeds Info

PLANT TYPE60% Indica 40% Sativa
THCUp to 25%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS10 weeks
YIELDS15 oz per 3x3ft

Crystal Seeds Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Would you enjoy a good chuckle? Pick up this cannabis seed right now if you desire a genuinely psychedelic experience which can make you laugh your socks off. Crystal M.E.T.H. is a very entertaining strain of cannabis seeds that won’t only have you chuckling but will certainly open up your mind to a brand new degree of knowing concerning the world around you. This genetic hybrid is a mix of Destroyer (Cannabiogen) and Critical + (Bilbo). These genetics imply that Crystal M.E.T.H. features a possibly destructive effect. It provides a short flowering period, a tremendously high yield and offers a penetratingly spicy taste in contrast to any other. Get yours up today just before they sell out!

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  1. Crystal Ryder is really a 2nd generation auto-flowering strain. These awesome feminized marijuana seeds are the resultant cross between Low Ryder 1 and Santa Maria.

  2. A mix of Californian Orange & White Widow which creates a powerful fruity taste. An awe inspiring blend of genius. Magic Crystal provides a strong stoned feeling as opposed to a high.

  3. The Crystal Paradise plant is descended by a imported Californian BB Skunk and a male Brasil. You’ll love his Huge buds and the genuine Brasilian taste.

  4. The Cyber Crystal is a plant frequently used in indoor growing. The buds coming from this plant are blanketed in a bed of THC snow. This strain is short and dense, the flavour is sweet and fresh.

  5. Right here is the strain that took absolutely everyone by storm at the High Times Cup. A proven favorite among the judges, it appointed Homegrown Fantaseeds with the ‘Best Seed Company’ title and gathered them a lot of friends.

  6. Crystal Limit is an extremely succesful variety for indoor cultivating. We’ve got this specimen crossbred coming from Cristal with K.C. 606.

  7. Exotic cannabis cultivars which have journeyed from the very far tips of the earth get with each other in a hybrid which will enrapture the feelings and set thoughts adrift. The potent genotypes powering Voyager are hardly ever if ever discovered in today’s hybrids. The Sativas New Guinea Gold out from Papua’s highlands and a striking South American originated from Columbian Red are well-balanced and stabilized with a sturdy Afghani from northernmost section of the Hindu Kush so far away north that this breeder would rather call her a Tajik Indica. Growers ought to expect broad and favorable variation between their ladies, with a few incredible spiraling Sativa phenotypes turning up regularly. All plants generate amazing trichome-crusted buds with scrumptious sharp-spicy-sweet flavours.

  8. Mau discovered this one-of-a-kind strain on one of his excursions during his 2nd homeland Thailand. Here he did discover the genuine Thai specifics which a real Thai strain ought to have. Tiny leaves on small legs delivers you an up lifting high. This provides you the right experience about traveling throughout Thailand. Comfortable relax and exotic!

  9. Taiga is a hybrid between an auto-flowering Ruderalis/Indica and Power Plant. Via our renowned Power Plant gene pool we picked an intensive early flowering female Power Plant. Taiga develops with enormous compact buds and also the smell and flavor are evident Power Plant. It will not request a special fertilizing regime, meaning that it’s not hard to grow. Taiga loves a spot under the sun, in which it requires for a quality yield.

  10. Cutting edge strain with under tones of banana, grape and apples, lifted with overtones of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry; a gourmet’s delight! Producing most likely the most flavoursome and sweet buds on the earth. Generates a uplifting, light, cerebral high similar to most of the Cropi-Canna range and again similar to most with this range not too heavy either. It’s extremley unlikely to make you stuck inside your armchair debating inside your mind’s eye the chance that you do not essentially exist or dissolve your ego so much that you simply find yourself contemplating that the situation is indeed stranger than you are able to suppose, but alternatively offers you clarity of sight and concentrate as if to free your intelligence to pursue whatever it is you love to pursue, or far more importantly, whatever it is you intend to pursue Another truly regal and diplomatic strain. Tasty, fresh, fruit flavoured buds of extremely moreish satisfaction and pleasure! Bred to become a large producer additionally as a heavy weight – dances just like a butterfly but minus the sting of the bee. Sweet, productive, pungent and pukka!

  11. Bred from Paradise Seeds in 1994, and upgraded in 2002, Dutch Dragon has become a Sativa variety that creates superb yields from long gooey colas. The aroma is extremely citrusy and sweet, like tangerines, along with the flavor. The buzz serves as a lasting, clear high that enhances an appetite for music and pleasure. Dutch Dragon, along with her South African heritage, performs ideal in warm climates. She grows right into a tall plant with smallish fan formed foliage and thick fox-tail buds. An ocean of green flowering cycle could be launched early because Dutch Dragon is regarded as a fast energetic plant with average sativa growth pattern. Indoors, height should be regarded within your grow space, and be managed by flowering early. For optimum results the pH within the water with fertilizer ought to be kept below 6. Though fast from the gate, Dutch requires nine to ten weeks to cultivate big, fully matured flowers. When farmed outside mid October is considered the favorable for harvesting this dragon which can get as tall as 9 feet (3 meters) tall. She’ll stretch as much as three feet (80-90 cm) if grown by utilizing the sea of green technique.

  12. L.A. Confidential-Kali Mist x Afghan Haze F2 9 to 10 weeks, heavy yield grows large very very strong AAA. We couldn’t become more blissful with this fresh offering from the lab. This might be our strongest strains and features the extremely best of the Afghani #1 within the LA Confidential, the Kali Mist, and also the Afghani Haze. Expect super yields and lots of potent medicine.

  13. Really simple to grow outdoors! It’s all within the name, a simple new-style sativa variety for in the greenhouse and outdoors. Among the best outdoor bud producers inside Holland! Many of them flower below 18 hours of light and begin flowering mid July and will compensate you with an enormous quantity of huge buds in September. There’s some variation in bud shape and taste (between spicy and sweet), but all a clear sativa high. Well worth a shot, give it a try!

  14. AKG’s latest release, Taleggio, will be the second hybrid utilizing the famed Exodus Cheese mother plant. Respected all over the whole globe, the Cheese incorporates a corn-syrup like sweetness which has triggered it to be famous since 1988. The offspring is really a combination of head high accompanied by a complimentary body stone, all without having to be too devastating or making people lethargic. Training is urged using this cross, along with early staking and/or tying.