Cultivating Cannabis In The City Of Sacramento

Cultivating Cannabis In The City Of Sacramento

Recently it has become increasingly difficult for deserving patients living in Sacramento County to get their hands on the required dose of medical marijuana. The major factor responsible for this newfound scarcity of weed is the Ordinance 2012-045, a ban passed by the County Board of Supervisors on growing marijuana outdoors.

The law clearly states that growing and harvesting cannabis, whether in a residential area or in a building intended for residential-use, is illegal within the County limits. The law allows patients with a medical card to grow weed indoors. Even when permitted by law, growing and harvesting the weeds requires adhering to all the rules and regulations set by the County Board of Supervisors. This includes submitting a proper building plan to the County officials and following all the lighting instructions as well as taking all the safety precautions.

The County laws and regulations on the cultivation and harvesting cannabis in residential areas involve strict and periodic inspection from the part of the city officials. A common Sacramentan can try his best to grow marijuana legally in The City of Sacramento by following certain procedures that are bound to make the task less tedious.

If you are planning on building a grow house, it is advisable to hire an architect to draw your building plans for you. The plans will have to be submitted to a public planner for approval. If you intend to refit an existing room to suit your requirements, take care to plan properly and execute those plans as well. The facility will eventually have to be inspected by the concerned officials to get it legally approved. The inspection will include checking the electrical and lighting units, ventilation systems etc.

Even when you manage to run the cannabis growing facility as per the regulations set by the city council, a complaint from any of the neighbors can lead to legal actions. If someone complaints to the authorities about any kind of odor from the plantation, they may ask you to shut down the facility.

All these new rules and regulations, in effect, pose many practical difficulties for the ordinary patients who earlier used to grow their own marijuana. Even though it is not clear as to how these stringent laws will be enforced by the County authorities, it is a fact that cannabis cultivation has become a tough task in The City of Sacramento.