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dank weed grow

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Title: Marijuana: How to Grow Marijuana – A Simple .

Endless free supply of TOP SHELF quality buds! How does this sound? That’s a reality for a lot of people. Are you still paying inflated prices for weed? I am going to teach you everything you need to know to start producing your own funky sticky bud. No fluff, unnecessary science or outdated information. Too many people out there make it seem that you need a degree in weed to be a grower. Actually, it’s brain dead simple. Once you have the right information. Read this simple-to-digest book, in no time you will be smoking SUPER DANK WEED VIRTUALLY FOR FREE! I have been growing weed for 13 years as a full time occupation. I’ve invested a lot of time into educating myself along the way. I sifted through a lot of info and have figured what works the hard way. Now you’re about to gain from my experience and knowledge. Book launch LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY: The first 420 readers will have the privilege of direct contact with me. Email me and I will personally answer any question you have! I will be glad to help you along your growing journey.

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Dank weed grow

Now that we know what dank bud possibly looks like, here is what it won’t look like. First of all, dank bud will not have discoloring or spots that look lighter than others. This condition is caused by “bleaching” or overexposure to light. Remember that strains come in many different colors and shades, what I’m talking about is the inconsistencies in the color scheme of your weed. Did that iridescent acid green suddenly become more of a mottled greenish-yellow? Probably should steer clear.

Unfortunately, without a true dank weed definition, plenty of unwitting stoners are still smoking bad weed. While it’s probably not the crappy ditch weed that our parents, and, in some cases, we grew up smoking, it’s still not good. Even in this wonderful age of legalization, no one is immune from being sold bad buds. The difference is, this time, instead of smoking what obviously is bad quality schwag filled with seeds and stems, you are probably being tricked into buying something marketed as dank bud. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s just…not.

It’s not your fault. When you’re buying marijuana, you don’t have time to do the proper research. Plus, those salespeople can be really convincing. They have entire marketing teams devoted to convincing you to buy their schwag. Unfortunately, buyer’s remorse is real, and you don’t want it to happen to you, especially when it comes to buying weed.

Other terpenes can provide similar effects. Myrcene induces the well-known feeling of “couch lock” common in many of the more potent indicas such as Gorilla Glue #4. Strains containing myrcene tend to have a more musky, earthy taste and aroma, with just a kick of spice. When people refer to that dank weed taste, they are often referring to strains that contain myrcene. Okay, got that? Science lesson over.

Oh yeah, that is totally dank .”

Terpenes are the aromatic oils secreted by the glands of the cannabis plant. These oils aren’t just native to cannabis plants, either. Terpenes occur naturally in many common plants and fruits. You smell them in basil and mangoes, which help to give them their distinctive flavors and aromas. Terpenes do the same for the cannabis plant.

Why does dank weed tend to stink up anything in its vicinity without being smoked? This is because of all of the terpenes contained in the buds. Terpenes are the neat little chemical compounds that make up the wonderful cannabis plant. This isn’t a plant growing science lesson, but it is a lesson on how to spot dank bud, so let’s talk about botany, shall we?

What Makes Marijuana Dank?

Dank is a combination of aroma and effect. It’s something experienced both internally ( you feel it ) and externally ( they notice it ). Dank weed is the type of marijuana experience that’s considered top-notch. For most stoners, it’s what you’re looking for.

Now for some consumers, you can’t smell before you buy. Cannabis comes pre-packaged, and it can be hard to smell anything through those glass jars. However, if you smell anything – especially through its packaging, that is a good indicator of dank bud.

Dank weed grow

This is yet another factor having to do with air quality – in addition to temperature and humidity as discussed above. Indoor growers will soon come to realize that air quality is an important aspect to producing high-quality buds. And if you want to create perfect air quality, good and proper air flow and ventilation are both essential.

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As for night temperatures, these should be kept around 68-75°F (20°-24°C). Too low temperatures increase the chances of mold and rot, which thrives in the 60°F (15°C) range.

4. Maintain Ideal Temperature and Humidity

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Have you ever wondered how to grow top-shelf buds? The kind of bud that resonates quality, pungency and aromas to live for. If so, you’re in luck, because today you are going to learn how to consistently grow top-shelf, A-grade quality cannabis buds that knock the socks of your competitors.

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2. Let there Be Loads of Light

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Although your growing methods are incredibly important, it’s similarly important to focus on what happens after harvesting: The process of drying and curing your precious dank weed.