Darth Vader Marijuana Strain

Darth Vader Marijuana Strain

First off, IMO it’s just a matter of time before marijuana becomes fully legalized, legitimized, and possibly traded as a commercial commodity – so this seems like the right place and time to make a 420 public service announcement; for those hard-working cannabis breeders around the world. After putting in months of research, cultivation efforts, and patients… I beg of you to think long and hard before settling on your next strain name – being sure to steer clear of any existing trademarked names.

No Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or any other name which is already protected by a United States trademark. With future prospects of a ‘bright green’ future after marijuana legalization occurs, it would be disgraceful to squander your hard work, simply for choosing poorly when it came to the name.

While Wall Street may be sitting on the sidelines now, that won’t last for long. They can smell opportunity in the air, like sharks alerting to blood in the water. And once the titans of Wall Street finally lift marijuana onto the mantle of worthiness, the cash will flow, billions will be made and some hard-working cultivators will be left on the sidelines… Wondering what just happened?

Unfortunately for the diligent grower – it won’t matter how much THC, or CBD cannabinoids your chronic strain can produce, regardless of its constant nurturing through the long and arduous cultivation process, relentlessly encouraged by a master marijuana grower. Forget the complex blend of flavonoids intermingled with terpenes, resulting in a highly desirable flavor and smell. Wall Street won’t even look at your product if the name is already taken. Who would invest in Darth Vader dank, if they knew George Lucas, or his predecessor Disney, would soon be seeking litigation for copyright infringement

No marijuana product, either edible or flower – that is named after trademarked product or a copyrighted work is likely to be invested in by venture capitalists.

Of course, none of the above comments in any way diminishes the relief and serenity provided by one of the more menacing named strains in all the universe “Darth Vader.”  With unknown phenotypes, this killer strain’s genetics remain a mystery. Though some say Darth Vader is the offspring of an Afghani father and a purple Kush mother. Ominously cloaked in purple the flower, is armed with transient layers of THC potent trichomes, providing that extra punch to Darth Vader’s light saber hit.

A slight hint of lavender sneaks through the Musky odor, prominent when your sack is allowed to breath, releasing the killer sent inside. A vicious skunk smell hits the nostrils like an uppercut by Mike Tyson, immediately sending its victim to the couch, for several hours of mindless entertainment.