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daylight cfl for growing weed

Daylight cfl for growing weed

These results are not typical for your first try unless you’ve put in a lot of extra research and really watch and tend to your plants throughout your grow. Which brings me to my next point.

These lights are easily found at the store or online. You can get lower or higher wattage bulbs, but I like bulbs close to the 40w range because they produce a lot of light, but are still a small, manageable size.

Unless you have a reason to keep males (for example breeding), you probably want to just kill any male plants because they won’t make any usable bud anyway.

Daylight cfl for growing weed

This is the rub of a lot of powerful CFL lights, they tend to burn themselves out and don’t last like LEDs. That being said, this is a very powerful light that will give plenty of power to a medium-sized grow all the way to harvest. The reflectors here are sturdy and well built, they do a good job reflecting that light where it needs to go. The Agrobrite is a good middle ground between the likes of more expensive LED and HPS systems, without shelling out the cash needed for those.

Still, it won’t last more than a grow or two and doesn’t work well for seedling or vegetative phases of growth. This is ideal to swap in right as a plant is going to into bloom to get slightly better results, but the extra money paid and effort could probably be spent elsewhere.

2. Philips T2 Spiral CFL Light Bulb – Best Value

It’s still one of the better 2700K bulbs on the market, though, so if you’re determined in using one this is a solid pick.

5. ALZO Full Spectrum CFL Light Bulb

CFL bulbs are a great introduction to the indoor cannabis growing arts and should be seen as a perfectly respectful way of going about things.

Daylight cfl for growing weed

They come in a variety of different bases, so flexibility when designing a grow operation won’t be a problem. CFL lights don’t use excessive energy and don’t heat up as high as some other specialized grow lights for marijuana.

What Are CFL Lights?

The sun produces about 100,000 lumens per square foot, so the closer you can get to this number, the more productive your marijuana plants will be. Building a hood for your CFL lights and concentrating them as close as possible during flowering will help mimic natural sunlight as much as possible.

How Many CFL Lights For One Plant?

Let’s take a look at CFL lights for growing weed. There are quite a few options for lighting when looking to grow cannabis indoors. CFL lightbulbs are becoming more popular because they are beginner-friendly and easy to use. The best CFL lights for growing weed will help you produce more marijuana in small spaces than you thought was possible. If you have a small space that you want to utilize for growing ganja, CFL lights may be the best option!