Delaware Cultivates Marijuana Collective Rules

Delaware Cultivates Marijuana Collective Rules

Would be dispensary owners hoping to hit the lottery and operate one of Delaware’s first medical marijuana collectives just received their first glimpse of the hurdles they’ll need to navigate in order to pass snuff and win state approval.

After much consternation and handwringing Gov. Jack Markell (D) made it clear to his states medical marijuana community that his administration is over the initial DOJ threat, and are now willing to allow regulated medicinal cannabis for qualifying patients in Delaware. Initially Gov. Markell held up the long-awaited implementation of Delaware’s dispensary program in late 2011. The primary reason for his hesitation was based on an ominous letter he’d receive from Delaware’s US Atty. Gen., Charles M Oberly, III. The gloomy correspondence outlined the potential ramifications; detailing enforcement actions the federal government might take against anyone who would comply with the state’s new medical marijuana law.

24 months… and thousands of wasted police man-hours later, Delaware’s medicinal marijuana patients will finally be granted safe access – minus the fear of facing one of the harshest marijuana laws in the country.

The few (1) , the proud… and the lucky as f##k applicant who is anointed with the state seal of approval or the one and only dispensary, will first need to prove that they are operating as a not-for-profit organization – while convincing state officials they have the financial ability to meet strict security requirements.

First and foremost any new dispensary owner must have comprehensive 24 hour surveillance system installed, providing a live feed for state regulators to observe. The implementation of a strict patient identification practice, as well as maintaining a comprehensive patient database.

The chief of Delaware’s division of Public health, Thom May, will oversee the pilot program. And according to Mr. May the state will fire up its solicitation efforts, approaching nonprofit companies beginning as early as March 2014.

“The best case scenario is to identify the best application in may and begin a contractual process so that we can have them registered by [July 1],” noted May.

After the I’s have been dotted, and the T’s have been crossed – the pilot collective would then be allowed to start cultivating their first crop of pain alleviating Indicia’s by the middle of next year.

As is currently spelled out in the newly drafted rules, Delaware’s dispensaries will only be able to grow 150 plants per cycle – and possess up to 1,500 ounces of varied marijuana strains. With a state population of 917,092 in 2012, May understands that one dispensary may not satisfy the states patient base for very long: “if the medical needs of folks in Delaware determine that there needs can’t be met in a singular compassion center in battle be taken into consideration and would definitely be something that we look at,” claimed May.

While the initial 2011 medical marijuana program halted by Gov. Markell allowed for one collective in each of the state’s 3 counties, currently one will have to do.

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