Denver City Council ‘Not Amused’ By Marijuana Tax Protest

Denver City Council 'Not Amused' By Marijuana Tax Protest

“I’m a Denver hippie, and I want to get stoned on Mari… Marijuana. I like marijuana, you like marijuana“

At least the guy on the megaphone, singing that little ditty to the marijuana tax protesters that had gathered at the Greek amphitheater in Denver’s Civic Center Park yesterday, was amused. Because the Denver city Council (DCC) was not too stoked. Monday night, dismayed DCC members were apoplectic and looking to looking to ‘pin the tail’ of responsibility over the days chronic tax protest, and what appeared to be a complete lack of interest in the enforcement of public weed smoking by any law enforcement officials.

To the dismay of a few Denver city Council members…

“Many got their pot and sparked up in front of television cameras and news photographers,” claiming this type of activity may damage Denver’s mile high image. “Public consumption of marijuana is against the law,” Councilman Charlie Brown said during the DCC’s Monday night meeting. “We should enforce that law. I don’t believe we can pick and choose what part of the city we can enforce the law.”

Brown’s cohort in feigned distain over yesterday’s marijuana tax revolt – Jeannie Robb, claimed these chronic photo Ops of Denver residents openly smoking Colorado Kush sends a distorted message to the oppressed pot smokers around the world, as the city and State struggle to soothe the DOJ and the federal government.

As a means of gathering attention for the November marijuana tax question, opponents of “proposition AA” motivated hundreds of people to show up and protest at Denver’s Civic Center park, late Monday morning, by offering free joints to Denver’s registered residents.

If passed – Denver’s proposition AA would tack on a 15% excise tax and potentially an additional 15% sales tax on any and all recreational weed sales.

“The group behind the giveaway, led by attorney Rob Corry, said the taxes are too high and will force people back to the black market. More than 600 joints were handed out, which was legal under the state’s new marijuana laws. But public smoking is illegal. Denver police officers observed the event but no arrests were made or citations written.”

Despite the Denver city councils misgivings over the Denver police conduct, or lack thereof at yesterday’s marijuana tax protest. Denver’s Mayor Quinones was pleased, noting that the police chose the lesser of two evils when faced with the difficult choice choice of allowing civil disobedience – over inciting a needless riot.

“We have learned from 4/20 events that if we send officers into a crowd this size or bigger, it results in less than cooperative behavior,” Denver’s mayor noted. “People tend to turn on the officers. It is a petty offense, not a jailable offense. We don’t want to turn this into a small riot to enforce a petty offense. So we weighed our options yesterday and opted not to take action.”

After the Denver city Council attempted to chastise the wise and honorable Mayor at Tuesday morning’s weekly meeting, the Mayor explained; “I would have been in front of this board if we didn’t take action or we did take action,” he further explained. “And I feel more comfortable that we didn’t take action.”

Good job Mayor, the constituents that elected you agree.