Denver Colorado: Learn How The Pros Grow With The Clinic’s Master Cultivator “Jay”

Denver Colorado: Learn How The Pros Grow With The Clinic's Master Cultivator "Jay"

Denver Colorado’s premier Wellness center, known as The Clinic, represents some of the best medical marijuana Denver has to offer. Safe, fast, and of the highest grade possible, The Clinic leaves little room for doubt.

At this years 2013 Denver, High Times US Cannabis Cup (HTCC), The Clinic took home three chronic awards:

1st Place Best Sativa for Tangie

3rd Place Best Sativa for Stardawg Guava and …

3rd Place Best Hybrid for Ghost OG.

The Clinic is also know for producing award winning concentrates – taking home a 1st Place for Best Sativa Shatter Terpenes, as well as 2nd Place Best Overall Sativa Shatter at the inaugural 710 Cup in July 2013.

Basically – The Clinic dominates Denver’s MMJ scene, and has walked with over 20 different awards for it’s marijuana strains, concentrates and charitable heart – this year alone The Clinic raised over $40,000 for MS.

Despite those awards, all of their cannabinoid rich strains deserve equally high marks. The Clinic also has some of the best edibles from the most reputable and proven medical marijuana infused product companies. Of course, safety and confidentiality are of the utmost important to The Clinic’s staff, with state-of-the-art security in place, their patients can feel safe while visiting the shops and relax in the comfort of their high-end designer finished medical marijuana Wellness centers.

Full growing guide – Learn how to grow with detailed info on water, ph, lighting, and everything else that matters.